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Volume 9, Issue 1, 2012

National Editorial Board and Editorial Committee


‘Damned to mediocrity’: Political Targets, Bureaucratic Intent, Classroom Performativity and the Child as Cipher

We read a lot these days about the anticipated economic benefits that result from increased national aggregate schooling outcomes. We read very little about the likely personal and social costs of ‘delivering’ them. On 15 March 2012 in his widely reported Better Public Services speech to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon John Key stated that in future the state sector would have a ‘results driven focus’ (Key, 2012). Government would report outcomes, not outputs, and concentrate on ten ‘challenging targets’ for the public service as a whole over the next three to five years ...



Maths Anxiety: The Fear Factor in the Mathematics Classroom

Currently, there is a strong political focus in New Zealand on a need to increase the mathematical literacy levels for all students. In New Zealand, one solution being widely promoted is to ‘accelerate’ the learning of struggling students. In looking more closely at why some students may be struggling, it is timely to consider the role of maths anxiety and its impact on students’ learning practices and outcomes. This literature review highlights potential origins of maths anxiety and how teachers might assist in reducing maths anxiety in students ...

National Standards: A New Frontier of Control in Teachers’ Work?

The National Government is in its second parliamentary term of implementing a policy package of National Standards into New Zealand primary schools. For better or for worse, the Standards will impact on the learning of children. They will also impact on the work of teachers. Whilst the first matter is important, it is the second that is considered here ...



Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Teacher Professional Learning

A market-driven model for in-service teacher development can potentially place the sustainability of professional learning initiatives at risk. As schooling improvement contracts become increasingly student outcome driven, we question whether this could compartmentalise processes of teacher learning. With an emphasis on fixed fiscal input and resulting student outcomes, in-service teacher educators (ISTE) and teachers are in the middle charged with making a significant difference. What are the practices that make this space in the middle a place where agentic learning takes place? ...

Training of Science Teachers for Early Childhood and Primary Grades in Kenya

This paper analyses teacher training in science education in early childhood development and primary grades in Kenya. The paper argues that even though the Kenya Government emphasises science as a subject critical for technological advancement and for achieving Vision 2030, the training of science teachers in early childhood and primary colleges nationally triggers a lot of quality questions …

Pacific Tertiary Students in New Zealand’s South: Towards a More Nuanced Framework For Understanding

The experiences of students from Pacific backgrounds at the University of Otago, marked in part by problems of achievement and retention, are similar to those faced by Pacific students elsewhere in New Zealand’s tertiary sector and also in the education sector generally. However, there are some differences in both the study and wider social context of Otago and its location in the south of New Zealand’s South Island, and, according to results from a small student experience study, a difference in the cohort of students itself that may call for a different means of addressing student needs. This article examines the context of tertiary study for Pacific students in New Zealand’s south and some of the popular culturalist frameworks put forward for understanding and addressing Pacific student need in the education sector generally ...



Zepke, N., Nugent, D., & Leach, L. (Eds.) (2011). Reflection to Transformation: A Self-help Book for Teachers (2nd Edition). Auckland: Dunmore.

This book is for all of those tertiary teachers who want to become better teachers whether in private training establishments, universities, polytechnics, community settings or workplaces. While a useful higher education course textbook, it also works well for those looking for professional improvement ideas ...

McGee, C., & Fraser, D. (Eds.) (2012). The Professional Practice of Teaching (4th Edition). South Melbourne, Australia: Cengage Learning.

Since 1994, The Professional Practice of Teaching has made a significant contribution to teacher education – both during and after initial teacher education. There have been major changes in the educational context from the time of its first edition to this new, fourth edition in 2012. The title of the book indicates the editors’ commitment to teaching as a profession ...



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