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2007 – Volume 26, Number 2
East-West Intersections

A Bridge Not a Goal: Addressing Communications and Philosophy
Elizabeth M. Grierson

Simone De Beauvoir: Philosophy as a Way of Life
James D. Marshall

Communication as a Limit-Experience
Linda Daley

Between Hermes, Gaia and Apollo 8: Michel Serres and the Philosophy of Science as Communication
Linda Williams

Pedagogy Against the State: Some Remarks Upon Events of Learning
Dennis Atkinson

Researching Media and Religion in a School of Communication Studies
Peter Horsfield

2007 – Volume 26, Number 1
East-West Intersections

The Humanities in Deconstruction: Raising the Question of the Post-colonial University

Michael A. Peters, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Writing a Post-colonial City: Theory in Medias Res
Patrick Fong Chan, RMIT University, Australia

Place on Hold: Mobile Media Practices and Contesting East/West ‘Imaging Communities’ in the Asia-Pacific Region
Larissa Hjorth, RMIT University, Australia

Superflatlands: The Gobal Cultures of Takashi Murakami and Superflat Art
Kristen Sharp, RMIT University, Australia

Towards a Market-based Model in Higher Education: A Case Study of China and New Zealand
Xiaoping Jiang, Guangzhou University, P.R. China

2006 – Volume 25, Number 2
Politics of Globalisation, Research and Pedagogy

Quality Imperialism in Higher Education: A Global Empire of the Mind?
Noel Gough, La Trobe University, Australia

Procedures for Research Evaluation in German Higher Education: Current Fragmentation and Future Prospects
Dominic Orr, Higher Education Information System, Germany Mathias Paetzold, Academic and Research Commission Lower Saxony, Germany

The Teaching/Researching Subject: A Consuming Subjectivity
Janet Mansfield, Auckland, New Zealand

Embodied Pedagogy: Examples of Moral Practice from Art Education
Ruth Boyask, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Maori Visual Culture on the Run
Robert Jahnke, Massey University, New Zealand

Between Empires: Globalisation and Knowledge
Elizabeth M. Grierson, RMIT University, Australia

Book Review: Olssen, M., Codd, J., aNd O’Neill, A. (2004)
Education Policy: Globalisation, Citizenship &Democracy. London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi: Sage Publication.
Richard Smith, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

2006 – Volume 25, Number 1
Researching Woman


Australian Academic Women in Perspective: Recasting Questions of Gender, Research and Knowledge
Elizabeth M. Grierson, RMIT University, Australia

Researching Women
Women on Campus, AUT University, New Zealand
Authors: Janet Mansfield, Shirley Julich
Editor: Jane Terrell
Research Assistants: Catherine Garet, Lijilijana Jovanovic


2005 – Volume 24, Numbers 1 & 2
The Legacy of Jacques Derrida -
Edited by Elizabeth M. Grierson

The Legacy of Jacques Derrida

The Legacy of Jacques Derrida
Michael A. Peters, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Elizabeth M. Grierson, RMIT University, Australia

If We Could Speak Again With Derrida
Elizabeth M. Grierson, RMIT University, Australia

Shaking the Foundations: Reading, Writing and Difference in Constitutional Texts
Judith Pryor, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK

Difference, Deconstruction, Undecidability: A Derridean Interpretation
Janet Mansfield, University of Auckland, NZ

Passion of the Proper name
Mark Jackson, Auckland University of Technology, NZ

Undecidability: Room for Thought in the Visual Arts
Pamela Clements, RMIT University, Australia

Towards and Away From a Philosophy of Play
Andrew Gibbons, University of Auckland, NZ

Derrida, Democracy and Education
Nesta Devine, Waikato University, NZ

The Fraternization of Friendship and Politics: Derrida, Montaigne and Aristotle
Heather Devere, Auckland University of Technology, NZ

The Reception (in Sociology) of Recent French Social Theorists
Charles Crothers, Auckland University of Technology, NZ

Some Kind of a Man
Maria O’Connor, Auckland University of Technology, NZ

He Said
Elizabeth Presta, VCA, University of Melbourne, Australia


2004 – Volume 23, Number 2, 2004
Internationalism, Education and Governmentality
Edited by Elizabeth M. Grierson, & A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul


Introduction: Internationalism, Education and Governmentality: Critical Perspectives
Elizabeth M. Grierson, RMIT University and Auckland University of Technology and A.-Chr. (Tina) Engels-Schwarzpaul, Auckland University of Technology

Pedagogy’s Topographies of Power
Mark Jackson, Auckland University of Technology

Quality Care? Export Education Policies in New Zealand from 1999 to 2002
Andrew Butcher, Massey University

Globalisation and the Dilemmas of Internationalisation in Australian Higher Education
Fazal Rizvi, University if Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Critiquing the Tertiary Education Commission’s Role in New Zealand’s Tertiary Education System: Policy and Panopticism
Craig Ashcroft and Karen Naim, University of Otago

Cultural Equity in Policy and Pedagogy: An Issue for Visual Arts Education in Aotearoa New Zealand
Jill Smith, University of Auckland

ACCESS Annotated Bibliography 1928-2005
James D. Marshall, University of Auckland and Elizabeth M. Brierson, RMIT University and Auckland University of Technology


2004 – Volume 23, Number 1
Censure and Governance In Education: Policy Contexts
Edited by Elizabeth M. Grierson & Janet E. Mansfield

Introduction: Politics of Censure and ‘Will to Certainty’ in Teacher Education
Elizabeth M. Grierson, & Janet E. Mansfield, Auckland University of Technology

How Curriculum History Can Enhance Teacher Understanding, And Why It May Never Get The Opportunity To Do So
Roger Openshaw, Massey University

The Politics of Neoliberal Curriculum Change: Teacher Education and Forbidden Knowledge
Anne-Marie O’Neill, Massey University

It’s About Time That Teacher Education Began To Critically Examine The School Curriculum: Against Philosophical Naiveté and Political Conservatism
John Clark, Massey University

Knowing How To ‘Just Do It’: The Politics of Professional Development for Teachers
John O’Neill, Massey University

Union Education and Citizenship: Educating the Educators?
Joce Jesson, University of Auckland

The Politics of University Teacher Education: A Wooden Horse in Academia?
Brian Findsen, University of Glasgow


2003 – Volume 22, Number 1 & 2
Technology, Culture and Value: Heideggerian Theme
Edited by Elizabeth M. Grierson, Mark Jackson, Michael A. Peters


Introduction. Technology, Culture and Value: Heideggerian Themes
Elizabeth M. Grierson, mark Jackson, Michael A. Peters

Towards a Philosophy of Technology in Education: mapping the Field
Michael A. peters, Universities of Glasgow and Auckland

Heeding Heidegger’s Way: Questions of the Work of Art
Elizabeth M. Grierson, Auckland University of Technology

Ways of Appropriating: Culture as Resource and Standing Reserve
A.-Chr. (Tina) Engels-Schwarzpaul, Auckland University of Technology

Mark Jackson, Auckland University of Technology

Framing the Musical Subject, Technoculture and Curriculum:
A Heideggerian critique
Janet E. Mansfield, Auckland University of Technology

Politicising Technology and Technologising Politics
Nesta Devine, University of Waikato

Heidegger’s Reception Within Sociology
Charles Crothers, Auckland University of Technology

Heidegger and Foucault: Truth-telling and Technologies of The Self
Tina Besley, University of Glasgow

Fault-erring: On the Styles of Margins (Blanchot/Heidegger)
Maria O’Connor, Auckland University of Technology

Book Reviews
James D. Marshall, University of Auckland

Kleiman, L. and Lewis, S. (1992).
Philosophy: An Introduction Through Literature.
St Pauls, Minn.: Paragon House.

Grierson, E.M. and Mansfield, J.E. (2003).
The Arts in Education: Critical Perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Palmerston North: Dunmore Press.


2002 – Volume 21, Number 2
Special Issue: Monograph


Dr A.C. (Tina) Besley, University of Glasgow

Foreword: A Foucauldian Approach to Critical History, Power and the Subject
Auckland University of Technology

Monograph: The Professionalisation of School Counselling in New Zealand in the 20th Century
A. C. (Tina) Besley


Chapter 1: Policy and Place: Guidance Counselling in New Zealand Secondary Schools 1950s-1988; the Welfare State Context

Chapter 2: The Neoliberal Policy Environment and School Counselling in New Zealand 1988-1999

Chapter 3: A Genealogy of School Counsellor Education: Establishing Professional Identity

Chapter 4: Governmentality and Professionalisation: the New Zealand Association of Counsellors

Chapter 5: NZAC and the Ethical Self-Regulation of Counselling


2002 – Volume 21, Number 1
Education and culture in postmodernity: The challenges forAaoteatoa/ New Zealand.
The 2000 Macmillan Brown lectures and responses


Foreword: the Terrain
Elizabth Grierson, Auckland University of Technology

Preface & Acknowledgements
Michael Peters, The University of Glasgow and the University of Auckland

Chapter 1: Neoliberalism, Postmodernity and the Reform of Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Michael Peters, The University of Glasgow and the University of Auckland

Chapter 2: Cultural Postmodernity in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Biculturalism, Mulitculturalism and Transculturalism
Michael Peters, The University of Glasgow and the University of Auckland

Chapter 3: Globalisation and the Knowledge Economy: Implications for Education Policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Michael Peters, The University of Glasgow and the University of Auckland

Chapter 4: Postmodernity, Tertiary Education and the New Knowledge Discourses
Pater Roberts, The University of Auckland

Chapter 5: Constructions of Knowledge, Tertiary Education and Research Policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Sharon Harvey, Auckland University of Technology

Chapter 6: Terrorism, Globalisation and Democracy: On Reading Michael Peters Post 9/11
Mark Olssen, University of Surrey


2001 – Volume 20, Number 2
Edited by Elizabeth M. Grierson


Introduction. Digitisation and Knowledge: Perspectives from Aotearoa/New Zealand
Mark Jackson, Auckland University of Technology

The Knowledge Society: Innovation, Multimedia and the Postmodern City
Brian Opie, Victoria University of Wellington

From Cemeteries to Cyberspace: Cartographies of Identity in a Technologised Age
Elizabeth M. Grierson, Auckland University of Technology

Spatiality and Design
Mark Jackson, Auckland University of Technology

Vitual(ly) Universities? An Examination of Two Digitally Contextualised ‘Universities’
Sharon Harvey, Auckland University of Technology

Knowledge Games and Revolutions
Brian O. Cusack, Auckland University of Technology

Digitisation, Knowledge and Metadata
Steve Knight, National Library of New Zealand

Designing History: From Pevsner to Postmodernism
Jonathan Woodham, University of Brighton


2001 – Volume 20, Number 1


Editorial – Intervention: Inaugural Arts Forum
A.-Chr. Engles-Schwarzpaul, E.M. Grierson and J. Mansfield

Curriculum in the Postmodern Condition
Michael Peters and Colin Lankshear

Beyond the “Beauty full” Classroom; the Draft Arts Curriculum and Teacher Education in the Postmodern Context
Janet Mansfield

Political Framing of the Arts in Education
Elizabeth Grierson

Art Education in New Zealand: a Question of Criticality
Ted Bracey

Repackaging Arts and Re-Constituting Life-World
A.-Chr. Engles-Schwarzpaul

A Critical Examination of Cultural Context in Relation to Music Education
Christopher Naughton

The First musical Space: Articulating the Music of the Moment
David Lines


2000 – Volume 19, Number 2
Special issue: education, neo-liberalism and the knowledge economy


Introduction: New Zealand, Neo-liberalism and the Knowledge Economy
Michael Peters and James D Marshall

The Neo-Liberal Appropriation of Tertiary Education Policy: Accountability, Research and Academic Freedom
Mark Olssen

New Zealand as the ‘Knowledge Society’: the Foresight Project and the Tertiary White Paper
Michael Peters

Educational Policy Research and the Global Knowledge Economy
Michael Peters

Bright Futures Technology: Curriculum, Maori and the Environment
James D. Marshall


2000 – Volume 19, Number 1
Special issue: Human capital perspectives on education markets, student decision processes and the marketisation of education


Lynne Eagle

Notes on Contributors

Ideological and Theoretical Underpinning of the New Zealand Education Reforms
Lynne Eagle and Anne de Bruin

Human Capital Theory and the Economy
Anne de Bruin and Lynne Eagle

Towards Mitigating Human Capital Deficiencies of Ethnic Minorities
Anne de Bruin

Human Capital Acquisition: Constrained Choice in a Regional Labour Market
Ann Dupuis, Anne de Bruin and Patrick Firkin

Intentions versus Actualities: Have the New Zealand education reforms met their objectives?
Lynne Eagle and Dick McDonald

Anyone want a DipBus? Rediscovering Dip Bus in the Debris of the Education War
Steve Barnett, Dick McDonald and Lynne Eagle

Student Decision Processes: Rational Investment in Human Capital?
Lynne Eagle and Gurvinder Shergill

Demographic and Socio-economic Factors Impacting Student Choice
Gurvinder Shergill and Lynne Eagle

Lessons for the Future: Where to Now for Tertiary Education Policy?
Brian Murphy, Lynne Eagle and Dick McDonald

Book Reviews
Recent British Philosophy of Education
James Marshall


1999 – Volume 18, Number 2
Special issue: Universities in the 21st century: Australasian perspectives


Michael Peters and Simon Marginson

Notes on Contributors

Harvards of the Antipodes? Nation-Building Universities in a Global Environment
Simon Marginson

The Politics of the Universities
Jane Kelsey

Academic Freedom and University Accountability
Roger Kerr

The Development of Wananga: Politics and Vision
Hirini Mead

The Autonomy and Governance of New Zealand Universities
Jonathan Blakeman and Jonathan Boston

Cnut’s Successors
Ruth Butterworth

The University in the 21st Century
Richard Epstein

The Funding of Research in the Tertiary Sector
Jonathan Boston

The ‘Post-Historical’ University
Michael Peters


1999 – Volume 18, Number 1
Special issue: ‘Divarifications: Aesthetics, art education, and culture’

Introduction To ‘Divarifications: Aesthetics, Art Education, And Culture
L. Holmes and A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul

Spaces Of Indeterminacy: Towards A Theory Of Praxis In Visual Arts Pedagogy
Elizabeth Grierson

Beyond Modernism: The Arts In New Zealand Education
Janet Mansfield

Sublimation And Courtly Love: A Lesson For Art Education
Lucy Holmes

A Form Of Binarism: Lévi-Strauss’ Definition On Cultures
Ho-chia Chueh

Luce Irigaray: Expanding Her Symbolism For Aotearoa-New Zealand
Betsan Martin

Messing With ornament: Theory And Impure Subjects
Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul


1998 – Volume 17, Number 2
Special issue: Graduates, intellectuals and the academy in the global marketplace


Susan Robertson

Tertiary Education Reforms in Tanzania and New Zealand: The Fallacy of Vocationalisation
Ndibalema Alphonce

Educational Markets and Social Justice: An Examination of Education Policy Reforms in Tanzania and New Zealand
Cornelia K. Muganda

‘Trompe-L’oeil’: A Critical Exploration of Theory Underpinning Public Choice Theory and the Preference for Individual Action
Nesta Devine

Nietzsche, Foucault, and Genealogy as Method
Ruth Irwin

Homi Bhabha, Modernity and Differences
Ho-chia Chueh


1998 – Volume 17, Number 1
Special issue: Information technology and education


Jim Marshall

The Crisis In Scholarly Publishing: Exploring Electronic Solutions
Peter Roberts

Computer-Mediated Communication: A New Pedagogical Space?
Judy M. Parr

Using The Internet To Support Education: Implications For Life-Long Learning And Self Assessments
Don Sheridan and Felix B. Tan

Multimedia In Education: An ‘X-Model’ For Educational Multimedia Selection
Jessie Wong Yuk Yong & Victoria Y. Hsui

A Wittingsteinian Approach To Communication In The Mode Of Information
James Marshall

Technologised Subjects: School, Students And Literacy In An Electronic Age
Wendy Morgan

Education And The Shift From Knowledge To Information: Virtual Classrooms Or Automated Diploma Mills?
Michael Peters

Questions Of Content And Questions Of Access To The Internet
Nicholas C. Burbules


1997 – Volume 16, Number 2
Special issue: Perspectives on the New Zealand Qualification Authority


Patrick Fitzsimons

NZQA And The Economic Rationalisation Of Education
John A. Codd

The National Qualifications Framework: Where To Now?
Michael Irwin

Qualifications Policies And The Marketisation Of Education: A Critical Reading Of The Green Paper
Peter Roberts

Te Tiro Hou Meets The Green Paper: Where To From Here In Secondary School Qualifications?
Shona Hearn

The Association Of University Staff And The NZQA
Jenny Chapman

A Response To The ‘Green Paper’
Asha Singh-Morris

Standards In Music: From Process To Outcomes
Trevor Thwaites

Competency Based Assessment: Is The Case Proven Fro Application To Business Programmes?
L.C. Eagle and R.C. McDonald

Language, Levels And Learning: Unit Standards And The Assessment Of Foreign Languages
Roger Peddie


1997 – Volume 16, Number 1
Special issue: Privacy and education: Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues


Susan Robertson

Schools and the Right to Privacy
Ivan Snook

The Privacy Act and Schools
Bruce Slane

Privacy and the School Counsellor
Margaret Agee

Privacy in the Residence Halls: An Unrecognised Concern for Lesbian, Gal, Bisexual and Transgender Students.
Ronni Sanlo

Privacy, Surveillance and Classroom Communication on the Internet
Nicholas Burbules

What makes Professionals so Difficult: An Investigation into Professional Ethics Teaching
David Preston

Notes for Contributors

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