Assessment Matters



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2009 – Volume 1

Determining Meaning for Key Competencies via Assessment Practices
Rosemary Hipkins

Kei Tua O Te Pae: Assessing Learning That Reaches Beyond the Self and Beyond the Horizon
Margaret Carr

Teacher Formative Assessment Decision Making: A Consideration of Principles and Consequences
Bronwen Cowie

Trust, Collaboration and Professional Learning: Assessment for Learning in Scotland
Louise Hayward

Assessing an Assessment for Learning Professional Development Programme
Michael Absolum and Robyn Gibbs

Rethinking Large-Scale Assessment
Lyn Shulha and Robert Wilson

Commentary: Towards Defining, Assessing and Reporting Against National Standards for Literacy and Numeracy in New Zealand
Alison Gilmore, Terry Crooks, Charles Darr, John Hattie, Jeff Smith and Lisa Smith



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