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2009 – Volume 13, No. 1


Megan Gollop

Guest Editorial
Anne Graham

‘This Is How “We” Do It’: Pedagogising Families in Obesity Discourse
Lisette Burrows

Identity, Cultural Well-Being, and Growing Up K?po M?ori
Nancy Higgins, Hazel Phillips, Christine Cowan and Kelly Tikao

How Do Researchers Do It? A Description of Developing a Multidisciplinary Research Assessment
Judith Sligo, Diana Rothstein, Julie Buxton, Georgina Salter and Robert Hancox

‘In Transition’: How the Children of the Economic Reforms Articulate Identities at the Child/Adult Border
Karen Nairn and Jane Higgins

Children’s Lives: A Dunedin Study
Claire Freeman and Robin Quigg

The Meaning of Citizenship for Children
Anne Smith, Harvard Bjerke and Nicola Taylor

Young Carers: The Challenges of Identifying a ‘Hidden’ Group of Children
Michael Gaffney

Perspectives on Parenting Research
Tamar Murachver, Rose Trappitt and Natasha Taylor

Children and the Law Update
Robert Ludbrook


2008 – Volume 12, No. 2


Megan Gollop

Guest Editorial
Cindy Kiro

Repealing a Defence for the Physical Punishment of Children: Changing the Law in New Zealand
Nicola Taylor and Ann B. Smith

The Long Road to Reform
Beth Wood

Aotearoa/New Zealand Families: Their Perspectives on Child Discipline and Recent Legislative Change
Julie Lawrence and Anne B. Smith

Reform of s59: The Political Environment One Year On
Sue Bradford

The Reform of Section 59 in International Context
Joan Durrant

Section 59 in its Legal Context: Intervening in Family Life
Bill Atkin

How has the Law Change Affected My Work? Perspectives from a Panel of Professionals.
Stephen Thompson, Victoria Bryant, Reverend Alofa Lale, Shahmay Smith, Sue Bain

The Parental Control Predicament
Caroline Hornibrook

Children and the Law Update
Robert Ludbrook


2008 – Volume 12, No. 1


Megan Gollop

Guest Editorial
David Barker

Do Children Become Patients by Medical Diagnosis or Economic Status?
Priscilla Alderson

Are New Zealand Children Still Therapeutic Orphans?
June Tordoff, Pauline Norris, Rajan Ragupathy and David Reith

... for their own good ... Restraining Children for Medical Procedures – An Anaesthetist’s Perspective
Karen Ryan

Planning for Positive Outcomes: Personalised Pre-Admission Preparation for Children Coming to Hospital
Julie London

Are New Zealand Children Smiling with Healthy Teeth?
Bernadette Drummond

Perspectives on Breastfeeding and Feeding Interventions in Neonatal Intensive Care
Carol Bartle

Privacy, Independence and Peer Interaction on an Adolescent Ward
Alison Hutton

Acute Pain Management for Children
Mike Shepherd

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux: Children’s Experiences and Family Well-Being in the Face of an ‘Invisible’ Disability.
Judith Duncan and Roslyn Ballantyne

Children and the Law Update
Robert Ludbrook


2007 – Volume 11, Number 2


Megan Gollop & Julie Lawrence

Ko k? mea kit e Tinana: Body Matters
Khyla Russell

Genetic Testing of Children: Whose Decision?
Mark Henaghan

Body Image, Hauroa and Identity: Experiences of M?ori Girls in Sport
Farah Palmer

Is the War on Obesity also a War on Children?
Michael Gard

Does it Matter that my Body is Different?
Disabled Children, Impairment, Disability and Identity

Jude MacArthur, Sarah Sharp, Michael Gaffney and Berni Kelly

What Matters for Children’s Bodies? Perspectives from a Panel of University of Otago Researchers.
Lisette Burrows, Bob Hancox, Winsome Parnell, Jean Simpson

Children and the Law Update
Robert Ludbrook

2007 Volume 11, Number 1

Tribute to Dame Te Atairangikaahu

James Ritchie

Jenny Ritchie

Kia T? Heip?: Languages frame, focus and colour our worlds
Mere Skerrett

Ma(r)king Tracks and Reconceptualising Aboriginal Early Childhood Education: An Aboriginal Australian perspective
Karen Martin

Locating the ‘Other’: Stories from practice and theory
Karina Davis

Wh?nau Mentoring, M?ori Youth and Crime: Possible ways forward
Robert Joseph

Shifting Paradigms” M?ori women at the interface of Te Tiriti (Treaty)-based early childhood education in Aotearoa
Cheryl Rau

Thinking Otherwise: ‘Bicultural’ hybridities in early childhood education in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Jenny Ritchie

Children and the Law Update
Robert Ludbrook

2006 – Volume 10, Number 1


Judith Duncan

Guest editorial
Andrew Moore

Improving public provision for children
Kirsten Hanna, Ian Hassall and Emma Davies

Impact of economic policy on New Zealand children
Susan St John and Donna Wynd

Setting the context for children’s rights in early childhood
Sarah Te One

Early childhood theory, research and policy in Aotearoa-New Zealand: Their development and linkages
Anne B Smith

Higgledy-piggledy policy: Confusion about inclusion
Nancy Higgins, Jude MacArthur, and Christine Rietveld

Refugee family sponsored (reunification) policy impact on family resettlement outcomes
Abraham Mamer

New Zealand policy on the discipline of children within the family
My Wilkstedt and Tamar Murachver

 2005 – Volume 9, Number 2


Anne B. Smith

Guest Editorial
Dr Rajen Prasad

The Care of Children Act 2004 – does it enhance children’s participation and protection rights?
Hon. Judge Peter Boshier

It’s about time – the experience of time with children after divorce
Bruce Smyth

A ‘right as citizen to a free [early childhood] education’ – 1930s-2000s
Helen May

Leaders…reformers…agents of change – young people and the art of citizenship
Young people’s reference group, office of the children’s commissioner

Participation in practice: Matters arising from experience in England
Ruth Sinclair

He Korero o Nga Rangatahi: Voices of Maori youth
Raewin Tipene-Clarke

Learning to belong: Children talk about feeling ‘Australian’
Sue Howard and Judith Gill

 2005 – Volume 9, Number 1


Nicola Atwool

Guest Editorial
Vaughan Milner

Promoting strengths and resilience in vulnerable children and families – some reflections on the role of social worker and other professionals
Professor Robbie Gilligan

Authentic relationships – possibilities for social work to make a difference for children and young people
Jackie Sanders and Robyn Munford

Children talking about physical abuse: Can they tell it and is anyone listening?
Kay McKenzie

Social work with disabled children
Berni Kelly

Natural justice suspended
Louise Taylor and Henny Fairgray

Growing ‘couch potatoes’: Television, computers and childhood obesity
Bob Hancox

A reply to Hancox: The problem with medical and scientific thinking about obesity
Michael Gard

 2004 – Volume 8, Number 2


Megan Gollop

Guest Editorial
Jane Ritchie

What do children learn from being smacked? Messages from social science theory and research
Anne B. Smith

Child rights and physical punishment in Aotearoa New Zealand
Cindy Kiro

Whose body is it anyway? Physical punishment, children’s rights and parental responsibility
Joan E. Durrant

A pacific perspective on physical punishment
Fa’amatuainu Tino Pereira

Panellist’s responses to Anne Smith and Cindy Kiro’s key-note presentation
Beth Wood, Paul Ranby, Amster Reedy

Attachment and Discipline
Nicola Atwool

Promoting stress-resilient families – positive parenting practices and experiences: A vision of educare
Judith Duncan and Chris Bowden

The application of Section 59 of the Crimes Act in the New Zealand courts
John Hancock

2004 – Volume 8, Number 1


Lisette Burrows

Guest Editorial
Clive C. Pope

‘Being healthy’: Young New Zealander’s ideas about health
Lisette Burrows and Jan Wright

Does Pamela Anderson have a place in outdoor education?
Robyn Zink

Mashing the ‘couch potato’
Michael Gard

Press ups, put downs and playing games: The meaning of physical education?
Bruce Ross

Physical activity, constraints and children’s perceptual-motor development
Keith Davids

Secondary students’ involvement in recreational activities at school
Anne B. Smith, Karen Nairn and Michael Gaffney

Ensuring consistency with the Education Act 1989: In a child’s best interests
John Hancock and Clair Trainor

An annotated bibliography: Children and young people on the united nations convention on the rights of the child
Polly Mason

2003 – Volume 7, Number 2


Anne B. Smith

Guest Editorial
Hon Steve Maharey

He tamariki, he taonga
Judge Annis E. Somerville

Linking research, policy and practice: Including children’s input
Judy Cashmore

Children, Families and the globalisation of child rights
Vitit Muntabhorn

Rethinking public provision for children
Peter Moss

If it’s such a good idea, how come it doesn’t work? The theory and practice of integrated service delivery
Nicola Atwool

Service Integration: A policy paradox
Bruce A. Ryan

Only connect: A case study of Mesosystem links
Sue Howard and Bruce Johnson

Working together to support children who have intellectual disabilities , and their families
Berni Kelly

2003 – Volume 7, Number 1


Anne B. Smith

Guest Editorial
Hon. Roger McLay

Staff and student perspectives on children’s rights in New Zealand secondary schools
Anne B. Smith, Karen Nairn, Nicola Taylor and Michael Gaffney

Enhancing children’s rights to protection from violence and neglect in Aotearoa New Zealand
Emma Davies, Beth Wood, David Wilson

Decay in the system, holes in service delivery: The reality of oral health care services for many young New Zealanders today
Clare Harper-Lee

Supporting the rights of children conceived by donor gametes
Susan Smith

The use and misuse of the UN convention
Ian Hassell and Emma Davies

Advancing children’s advocacy work
Rod Davis

2002 – Volume 6, Number 2


Judith Duncan

Guest Editorial
Emma Davies

The importance of experience for the human brain: Why intervention is so important in risk situations
Dale Farran

Remembering: Knowing the moment cannot be repeated
Anne Meade

Using neuroscience to challenge our thinking on teaching and learning in the early years
Jean Rockel

Attachment and the developing child
Nicola Atwool

Programmes which support parents with infants and young children in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Lorraine Tarrant

Magnetic Resonance Techniques: Opening a window into our understanding of brain development in the newborn infant
Terrie Inder

Food for a healthy brain: Critical nutrients in early life
Winsome R. Parnell

Breast milk, breastfeeding and the developing brain
Carol Bartle

The impact of early experience: What are the main principals?
Commentary by Anne Smith

New legislation affecting children and young people
Robert Ludbrook

 2002 – Volume 6, Number 1

Guest Editorial

Melanie Bruce

Dunedin young people present their views

‘Listen to us and take us seriously’: Young people’s responses to the government’s agenda for children consultation
Agenda for children team

Youth development strategy Aotearoa: What is it and how was it developed?
Rosie Pears

Secondary school students’ experiences of bullying – and their suggestions for dealing with it
Karen Nairn and Anne B. Smith

‘Hanging Out’: Print media constructions of young people in ‘public space’
Ruth Panelli, Karen Nairn, Nicola Atwool and Jaleh McCormack

A teenage pregnancy strategy for England
Catherine Dennison

Spaces of opportunity, spaces of risk? Young lesbians’ and gay men’s experiences of ‘community’
Gill Valentine and Tracey Skelton

Adolescents and attachment: Implications for adults working with young people
Nicola Atwool

The application of In Loco Parentis in state schools: Still relevant or practically extinct?
John Hancocok

Book review
Supporting parents of teenages: A handbook for professionals
Judith Sligo

At the centre
Anne B. Smith

 2001 – Volume 5, Number 2


Michael Gaffney

Guest Editorial
Mary Phillips

Some things change, some things remain the same: New Zealand children and media use
Geoff Lealand

The problem with ‘tweens’
Ruth Zanker

Making their voices heard: Children’s access to and expression in the news media
Shona Geary

New Zealand children talk about TV advertising
Sarah Todd and Dayrel Richardson

What is appropriate television for young children? A review of current literature
Kimberley D. Powell, Jaleh McCormack and Anne B. Smith

The younger audience: Children and broadcasting in New Zealand
Reece Walters and Wiebe Zwaga

Children and internet safety: What are the issues?
Anne Elliott

Book review
The younger audience: Children and broadcasting in New Zealand
Reece Walters and Wiebe Zwanga, reviewed by Jaleh McCormack

At the centre
Anne B. Smith

 2001 – Volume 5, Number 1

Guest Editorial

Mark Henaghan

Family Values: Children’s reflections on post divorce family life
Bren Neale

Where should the focus be in the aftermath of parental separation?
Pauline Tapp and Nicola Taylor

Suspended: When will they ever learn?
Garry Collin

Life and death: Agency and dependency in young children’s health care
Priscilla Alderson

Children’s voice in the family court
Nicola Atwool

Cross examination and the child witness
Rachel Zajac

Who says yes? Collective and individual framing of pacific children’s consent to, and participation in, research in New Zealand
Tamasailau M. Suaalii and Helen Mavoa

Book Reviews
What is a parent? A socio-legal analysis,
Andrew Bainham, Shelly Day Sclater & Martin Richards (Eds) reviewed by Pauline Tapp

Young children’s rights: Exploring beliefs, principals and practice,
Priscilla Alderson reviewed by Anne B. Smith

At the centre
Anne B. Smith

 2000 – Volume 4, Number 2

Guest Editorials

Lyn Campbell, Sue Willoughby and Adam Doesburg

Children, young people and their environments: Changing themes
Claire Freeman and Karen Nairn

Children’s lived experiences of rural New Zealand
Jaleh McCormack

‘I want to be free’: Place, power and young people
Matt Roberts

Young people and committee meetings
Meliors Simms

Youth participation: Grow it or kill it – the formula for both
Robyn Moore

Children’s participation: The for change
Paul Henderson

Fitting in and getting on: Learning in the school of the outdoors
Pip Lynch

The environment and democracy: Involving children in city planning
David Chapman

At the centre
Anne B. Smith

 2000 – Volume 4, Number 1


Anne B. Smith

Guest Editorial
Caryl-Louise Robinson

Home to early childhood service: An ecological perspective
Miriam K. Rosenthal

Response to Professor Miriam K. Rosenthal: A Maori perspective
Huhana Rokx

Response to Professor Miriam K. Rosenthal: A Pacific Islander’s perspective
Diane L. Mara

Beyond separation: Starting childcare before three
Carmen Dalli

He Taonga, Te Mokopuna
Arapera Royal Tangaere

From one home to another: What does research tell us about quality in home-based settings?
Elizabeth A. Everiss

If experience is the chief architect of the brain, hoe do we draw up the blueprints?
Jean Rockel

Transition with truckloads of professionals
Jude MacArthur and Anne Dight

At the centre
Anne B. Smith

 1999 – Volume 3, Number 2


Nicola Taylor

Guest Editorial
Diana Lennon

The first three years – setting a course for life
Graham Vimpani

Children’s rights in the health care system: The evolving framework in international human rights law
Gary B. Melton

What is happening to primary health care access for young children? Evaluation of the free child health care scheme
Susan Dovey, Leeann Morton and Murray Tilyard

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS): Research and prevention
Barbara Galland, Barry Taylor and David Bolton

Playground injury – the kids are still falling for it
David Chalmers

Influencing what children eat
Megan Grant and Valerie Fitzgerald

Three out of eleven: Counting children and young people in health statistics
Alison Blaiklock

A problem-orientated approach to building communities of healthy children: A community paediatric pilot project in the Nelson Marlborough region
Nick Baker

At the centre
Ann B. Smith

Book Review
Jude Dobson’s baby and toddler meal planner

 1999 – Volume 3, Number 1


Anne B. Smith

Guest Editorial
Judith Aitken

Against the odds: Developing school programmes that make a difference for students and families in communities placed at risk
Pat Thomson

The caring role of schools
Martin Thrupp

Te Kete Ora: The cardle of well-being
Kuni Jenkins and Sue Jeavons

Collective intelligence and the problem of child poverty
Phil Brown and Hugh Lauder

No bullies at this school: Creating safe schools
Vivienne Adair

‘I’m still trying to make friends…’ Fostering and nurturing the development of friendships and supportive relationships in inclusive schools
Jude MacArthur and Missy Morton

Dare to make change
Freda Briggs and Russell M.F. Hawkins

At the centre
Anne B. Smith

 1998 – Volume 2, Number 2


Nicola Taylor

Tribute to Harry McGurk

Guest Editorial
P.D. Mahony

Children’s eyewitness testimony
Margaret-Ellen Pipe

Expert evidence of behaviour of child complainants of sexual abuse: Legal principals
John Dawson

Evidential interviewing: Giving children a voice in the courtroom?
Nicola Atwool

Green light for surrogacy in New Zealand
Bill Atkin

Disability and discrimination: Laws, ethics and practices
Keith Ballard

Maori customary right of whanau, hapu and iwi to consent to and sanction an adoption
Tamarapa Lloyd

The ethics of providing quality early childhood education
Andrew Moore

Children’s rights in the health care system
Gary B. Melton

Legal and ethical issues of health research with children
Nicola Peart and David Holdaway

Representing young people charged with offending
Allison Morris, Gabrielle Maxwell ad Paula Shepherd

Physical Punishment of children: Legal and ethical issues
Beth Wood

 1998 – Volume 2, Number 1


Anne B. Smith

Letters to the editor

Guest editorial
Hans Wagemaker

‘Do I go to school to get a brain?’
Eileen Ledger

From acts to awareness in early literacy
Marie Clay

Taking dispositions to school
Margaret Carr

Thinking children at school
Anne Meade

Emergent learners: Making the transition to school learning
Joy Cullen

Activating developmental processes over the transition to school
Stuart McNaughton

Boarders and day pupils: Friends or foes?
Kim Vercoe

Emerging literacy at home and school
John Dickie

At the centre: Recent and forthcoming activities

Children and young peoples’ strategies hui: Summary
Lewis Williams

Report: Transition to school national seminar
Tony Holmes

 1997 – Volume 1, Number 2

Editorial: The right of children to the care of their parents
Anne B. Smith

Child health in New Zealand
Pat Tuohy

Family stress from a young person’s perspective
Claire Barton

A Fable
Rebecca Knox

Parent support programmes: Opportunities and challenges
Douglas Powell

A great place to being up children?
Alison Blaiklock

Manaakihia Te Pa Harakeke – Nurturing the family: A Maori women’s story
Huhana Rokx

Early childhood centres as parent support: A personal perspective
Carmen Dalli

Families in context: Parental discipline strategies with children
Robyn Munford, Jackie Sanders, Mark Tisdall, Anna Henare and Paul Spoonley

Parent support for indigenous American families: PAT and FACE
Pat Seymour

Parents as parents first
Bruce McMillan

 1997 – Volume 1, Number 1

Why a new journal on children?

Anne B. Smith

Understanding the United Nations convention on the rights of the child: making it real for children and young persons
Laurie O’Reilly

Children’s views on children’s rights: ‘You don’t have rights you only have privileges’
Pauline Tapp

Talking to teenages about drugs and suspension
Anna Thompson

Taking children’s views seriously
Nicola J Taylor and R Mark Henaghan

Involving children in research: The Hei Awhina Matua project
Ted Glynn, Mere Berryman, Pauline Bidois, Kathryn Atvars, Troy Duffull and Janelle Horne

How do we ensure the ‘best interests’ of children in out-of-home care? Messages from research
Anne B. Smith

(Re) placing the child in childhood trauma
Nicola Atwool

Childwatch international
Per Miljeteig


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