Early Education


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2008 – Volume 44

Wrestling With the ‘S’ Word

Jane Bone

Letter From ... Norway
Jeanette Rhedding-Jones

“I Can’t See It to Grab It”
Jane Bone

Loving, Caring and Nurturing
Malia Salome Ioane

An Inexhaustible Web of Meaning
Denise Head

What Is Practicum?
Report on Peter Lind’s Keynote to AT Symposium

Sue Stover

Students’ Voices
Mary-Liz Broadley and Carole Roberts

‘I Stopped to Ask Myself How She Saw Me’
Jo Perry


2008 – Volume 43

Letter from Christchurch

Lynda Boyd

Poko Morgan
Ana Kolata and Lineahi Lund

Lex Grey
marg gilling; Patrick Boyle

Butterfy Kisses
Tua Tongia

Buddy Class
Penny Smith

The Invisible Alphabet
Ken Blaiklock

Exploring the Unsafe
Shahla Damoory

Management Matters: From ‘Look at Me’ to ‘Look at We’
Richard Beach

Book Review: Journeying in Children’s Imaginations
Carol Armstrong


2007 – Volume 42

Letter from Herne Bay

Beverley Morris

Letter from Illinois
Daniel James Walsh

Debunking the Myths: ICT and Young Children
Lisa Oldridge

Discovering the Communication in ICT: An Action-Research Project With Infants and Toddlers
Michelle Anderson, with Donna Rooney and Rachel Vincent

Mat Time
Sonja Ploeg

The Practicum: A Point of Change
Anna Jo Perry

Valuing Parents as Educators: The Politics of 'Staying Home With Young Children’
Maureen Woodhams

Systematic Inquiry as Evaluative Activity: Self-review in Early Childhood Education
E. Jayne White

Book Review: Magical Spaces
Reviewed by Carol Armstrong

Book Review: The Global Child?
Reviewed by Nicky Chisnall


2007 – Volume 41

Letter from Toronto

Janette Pelletier

Tribute to Marie Clay
Jane Cavangh-Eyre, Sue Stover, and Claire McLachlan

Supervising at Playcentre
Kimberley Powell

A Woman Before Her Time
Christine Ball

Distributing Leadership
Cushla Scrivens, Barbara Jordan, Raewyne Bary, Caryn Deans, Monika Charlton, Heather Hullett, Faith Martin, Libby Martin, Paulette Moana, Olivia Waugh

Why Go Outside?
Cheryl Greenfield

Management Matters
‘I Can’t Make a Suggestion’
Denise Heald

Book Review: Decoding the Luminaries
Richard Smith

2006 – Volume 40

Guest Editorial

Nicola Chisnall

Letter from Al Ain
Lorraine McLeod

A valuable medium for promoting peer collaboration in early childhood contexts
Lesley Pohio

Early childhood education for refugee families
Jo Perry

An overview of policy and practice in early childhood education and care
Melody Oliver and Claire McLachlan

Beyond tokenism
Denise Heald

Assessment in ECE
Maureen Perkins

A new take on an old theme
Chris Bayes

How far have we journeyed?
Anne Grey

2006 – Volume 39

From the editor

Claire McLachlan

Letter from a busy Porirua household
Sarah Farquhar

The new Pakeha face:
The interface between the new Pakeha and tikanga Maori: How can it be optimised in early childhood centres?
Robin Champion

Creating an effective outdoor environment
Adam Buckingham

A journey into digital observation
Janet du Fall

Future pathways
Progress toward ‘Pathways to the future’: The strategic plan and notions of quality
Joanne George-Scott

Making a submission
Charlotte Robertson, Gayleen Taylor, Nola Harvey and Hilary Alach

Fostering moral development in young children
A literature review
Cheryl Greenfield

A selection of children’s literature inclusive of ‘rainbow families’ and ‘queer’ culture
Alex Gunn

2005 – Volume 38

From the editor

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from the North Shore
Claire McLachlan

Paving the way for a sustainable future with young children” The narratives of six early childhood teachers
Sue Wartmann, Susanna Harman, Sarah Helmers, Sherideen Lange, Kylie McIntosh, Angie Outram, & Ann Wingrove

Why don’t we teach science?
Sue Smorti

Snails and frogs: A learning journey in science
Lisa Bond

Adding a bit more colour: Possibilities for art and aesthetics education in early childhood settings
Lisa Terreni

Superheroes plus teachers – an unbeatable team!
Judy Watson

Here today – gone tomorrow. How can we build governance leadership capacity?
Karen Hayward and Liz Depree

A love record: Developing through a mother’s eyes
Karen Guo

Leaderful centres: Collaborative leadership in the Centres of Innovation programme
Kate Thornton

2005 – Volume 37

From the editor

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Janette Kelly

Project-based learning – Uncovering multiple voices and multiple layers of learning
Debbie Ryder and Jocelyn Wright

Critically re-examining young children’s art experiences
Rosemary Richards

“Ma tou rourou, Ma toku rourou”
The concept of AKO: Co-construction of knowledge from a Kaupapa Maori perspective
Aroaro Tamati

Te Whariki in action in a new entrant classroom
Angela Waith-McDonnell

Management matters
Partners in the home: Parent/whanau involvement in a home based early childhood education service
Alison Warren

Teaching toddlers: New Zealand kindergarten teachers and two-year olds
Judith Duncan

Video – choices for children
Reviewed by Judy Watson

Designs for living and learning: Transforming early childhood environments
Reviewed by Helen Aitken

Observing and planning in early childhood settings: Using a sociocultural approach
Reviewed by Joy Cullen

2005 – Volume 36

From the editor

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from London
Kerry Bethell

Planning stories
Ann Hatherly

Making sense of planning – a teacher’s story
Robyn Lawrence

Reflections on being a teacher in a centre of innovation
Liz Schimanski

Excursions: Extending children’s and teachers’ learning and experiences
Helen Hedges

Education for the gifted
Caterina Murphy

All of our stories have endings
Maureen Perkins

Environmental education in the early years
Reviewed by Nicola Billman

Early childhood education. Society and culture
Reviewed by Jenny Ritchie

2004 - Volume 35

From the editor
Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Melbourne
Joce Nuttall

Understanding Asian parents
Karen Guo

Play in Steiner Kindergartens: Imagination as a basis for future problem-solving
Gaylene Denford-Wood

Management Matters:
Self review – The hot topic
Deborah Wansbrough

The work-motherhood balance and mature-age mothers – Implications for early childhood educators
Kimberley Powell

Book Reviews:
The cultural self-review. Providing culturally effective, inclusive, education or Maori learners
Reviewed by Pani Kenrick

The Ethical Teacher
Reviewed by Paul Adams

2004 - Volume 34

From the editor
Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Amanda Coulston

Teacher talk: A tool for reflection
Barbara Jordan

Changing perspectives on Montessori in early childhood education
Nicola Chisnall

Collaboration works for children’s rights!
Nola Harvey

Research Report:
The impact of Samoan language nests on mothers
Tafili Utumapu-McBride

Book Reviews:
Weaving Te Whaariki. Aotearoa New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum document in theory and practice
Reviewed by Judith Duncan

Early childhood professionals: Leading today and tomorrow
Reviewed by Cushla Scrivens

2003 - Volume 33

From the editor
Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Auckland
Jean Rockel

Understanding children's art experiences
Rosemary Richards

A question of values: Young children in a technological world
Brent Mawson

Professional development to support collaborative assessment
Chris Lepper, Denise Williamson & Joy Cullen

Management Matters:
What decisions? Whose decisions?
Issues for professional leaders in decision-making in New Zealand childcare centres

Cushla Scrivens & Judith Duncan

Out and About:
"Smile, you're on digital camera!" Collaboration between communities, children and computers
Pam Wilson, Michelle Clarke, Claire Maley-Shaw, Meredith Kelly

2003 - Volume 32

From the editor
Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Rose Cole

Physics in the early childhood curriculum: Using ramps to co-construct gravity, movement and force
Kiri Gould

Strengthening intergenerational links between our kindergarten and the community
Anne McKenzie

Management Matters:
Organisational culture: A closer look at its effect on children
Lorraine McLeod

Research Report:
Counting on early childhood educators
Ngaire Davies

Out and About
When Mum went back to school: The Manakau Family Literacy Programme
Robin Houlker

2003 - Volume 31

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Oxfordshire
Barbara Allan

Teaching and learning: Theories that underpin ‘wise’ practice in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Helen Hedges

Including non English speaking background children in our kindergarten programme
Alison Brierley

Institutional body language: Are the messages we are sending those we would wish for?
Alex Gunn

Management Matters:
Educational leadership: What might we learn from research in schools?
Cushla Scrivens

Research Report:
Noise in early education centres: Toxic or not?
Stuart McLaren

Book Reviews
Early childhood research in New Zealand: Some offerings

2002 - Volume 30

From the editor
Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Anne Meade

Debating literacy in the Centre community
Judy Hamer and Paul Adams

Children with special rights
Lesley Dunn

‘Centres of Excellence’ in the UK: Food for thought?
Lesley Robinson

Management Matters:
Leadership: What lessons might we learn from research in schools?
Cushla Scrivens

Research Report:
Mat weaving: Factors influencing the implementation of Te Whaariki
Tracey Liddington

2002 - Volume 29

From the editor
Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Caryl Hamer

A Researcher in the Kindergarten – Red Riding Hood or The Big Bad Wolf?
Nicola Billman

Developing technology in early childhood settings
Brent Mawson

Hello, my name is Alice – do you know me? Planning for under twos using an investigation approach
Cheree Yates & Raewyne Bary

Management Matters:
Lay out the welcoming mat: Overseas visitors expected
Paulene Gibbons

Research Report:
Accept the powerlessness - or suffer: Kindergarten teachers and education reform
Judith Duncan

Book Reviews:
Books that build children up
Judy Watson

2002 - Volume 28

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Caryl Hamer

Negotiating the meaning of curriculum – can we awaken the ‘sleeping beauty’?
Joce Nuttall

Multiple voices, multiple perspectives: On-going, collaborative conversations

Sarah Te One

Assessment and ethics: Adding care to justice
Margaret Carr & Bronwen Cowie.

Management Matters:
The Quality Journey: Extending our professional horizons
Anne Grey

Research Report:
“But now we’re a bit more seasoned”: Becoming a parent though experience
Judith Loveridge

Book Reviews:
Assessment in early childhood settings: Learning Stories
Reviewed by Sophie Alcock

Supporting identity, diversity and language in the early years
Reviewed by Cushla Scrivens

2001 - Volume 27

From the editor

Letter from Wellington
Caryl Hamer

Ethics and assessment in early childhood programmes
Joy Cullen

Professional development: what does it mean for early childhood teachers in Aotearoa/New Zealand?
Joy Mepham

Transitioning to school – An easy road?
Maxine Marshall

Early childhood environments - A challenge to concepts of health?
Mike Bedford

Management Matters:
Teams and teamwork
Cushla Scrivens

2001 - Volume 26

From the editor

Letter from Wellington
Caryl Hamer

Early learning and the brain
Anne Meade

What counts in early childhood mathematics?
Jan Savell and Ngaire Davies

Television advertising: Children participating in adult worlds
Margaret Brennan

Research Report:
The will to serve and the wit to know the way:
The work of Mary Richmond in the establishment of kindergartens in Wellington, 1890 – 1913
Kerry Bethell

Simply delicious! Ten tantalising tales for all ages

Pauline Buchanan

Literacy Learning in the Early Years
Joy Cullen

2000 - Volume 25

From the editor

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Caryl Hamer

Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s a researcher!

Helen Hedges

Handling the first transition: What early childhood educators can do, what they do and how they can do better

Carmen Dalli

Fostering literacy in early childhood – Why should we bother?

Mary Jane Shuker

Management Matters:
Is staff appraisal effective?
Gloria Slater, Faith Martin, Raewyne Bary, Karen Laird

Book reviews:
Children’s Books
Books for Staff and Students

2000 - Volume 24

From the editor

Cushla Scrivens

Letter from Wellington
Caryl Hamer

Possibilities for partnership: Empowering parents to participate
Linda Keesing Styles

Just playing: Visual literacy in the art of gifted and talented children
Jill Brandon

Research Report:
‘Not so special’: Values and practices in early childhood education for children with disabilities
Jude MacArthur, Anne Dight & Kerry Purdue.

The way forward? Assessment of literacy and numeracy skills in young children – A commentary
Sarah Te One

What is on the food label?
Megan Grant

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