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2008 – Volume 12

Children's Interest in Media-Inspired Play and Teacher Reactions: Resistance in the Playground
White, Mech

The Development of Mathematical Language in a Young Child: A Pilot Study
Hore, Barbara; Meaney, Tamsin

Documenting For Inclusion: How Do We Create an Inclusive Environment For All Children?
Glass, Bronwyn Et Al

The Electric Teacher: Philosophical Pathways to Being an Empowered Early Childhood Educator
Gibbons, Andrew Neil

"Even When We're Big We'll Still Be Friends": Working Theories In Children's Learning
Hedges, Helen

How Do Home-Based Co-Ordinators Support Educators To Notice, Recognise, and Respond to Children's Learning?
Peters, Sally Et Al

"If You Don't Know Her, She Can't Talk": Noticing the Tensions Between Deficit Discourses and Inclusive Early Childhood Education
Macartney, Bernadette

On Our Best Behaviour: Lesbian-Parented Families in Early Childhood Education
Lee, Debora; Duncan, Judith

Ripples of Action: Strengthening Environmental Competency in an Early Childhood Centre
Vaealiki, Sue; Mackey, Glynne

Spotlight On Ict In Early Childhood Education: An Interview With Ann Hatherly
Boyd, Sarah

Investigating Multiple Literacies: Wadestown Kindergarten
Haggerty, Maggie; Simonsen, Yvette; Blake, Mandy; Mitchell, Linda

Narrative Activity: Mediating the Complexities In Learning
Alcock, Sophie

Participatory-Research Methods with Young Children: Experiences from the Field
Te One, Sarah


2007 – Volume 11

"Relationships and Interactions": A Research Project on Supporting Parents Alongside Children's Education (Space) Programme in a Playcentre
Te One, Sarah Et Al

Report Back on the First Nzcer National Survey of Early Childhood Education Services: 2003-2004
Mitchell, Linda

Spotlight On Children's Issues: An Interview With Anne Smith
Boyd, Sarah

Subject Knowledge Enhances the Documentation of Young Children's Mathematical Learning
Craw, Janita; Haynes, Maggie

Thinking Skills in the Early Years: A Literature Review
Ridley, Kate

What Is It About The Monkey Bars?
Greenfield, Cheryl

Young Children Breaking the Rules: A Sociocultural Interpretation
Brennan, Margaret


2006 - Volume 10

New forms of an old art—children’s storytelling and ICT

Jo Colbert

Redefining professionalism in early childhood practice: a ground-up approach. Views from teachers in care and education settings
Carmen Dalli

Children and disability in early childhood education: “special” or inclusive education?
Kerry Purdue

Enacting a whakawhanaungatanga approach in early childhood education
Jenny Ritchie and Cheryl Rau

Learning dispositions and key competencies: a new curriculum continuity across the sectors?
Margaret Carr

Continuity of learning: adding funds of knowledge from the home environment
Carolyn Jones

Aspiring to quality—culturally constructed
Judith Duncan

2005 - Volume 9

Forms, lists and messages: Young children writing

Geraldine McDonald

Creating continuity through literacy experiences at Wilton Playcentre
Rebecca Bulman, Pam Cubey, Linda Mitchell, Michelle Wilson, and Wilton Playcentre members

Teachers researching young children’s working theories
Heather Simmons, Liz Schimanski, Pam McGarva, Joy Cullen, and Penny Haworth

Independence and risk in early childhood settings: providing opportunities for discussion
Claire Cameron

“The silent voice of the camera”? Young children and photography as a tool for listening
Alison Clark

Getting beyond the “what” and the “how”. Problematising pedagogy in early childhood education
Suzy Edwards and Joce Nuttall

Noise and at-risk children in early childhood education centres
Stuart J McLaren

Book review – Doing Educational Research: A Practitioner’s Guide to Getting Started, by Carol Mutch
Anne Meade


2004 - Volume 8

Young children’s learning in early education settings and at home: Mothers’ understandings

Judith Loveridge

Spotlight on family day care: A window into home-based pedagogy
Lyn Wright

Theory, context, and practice: Exploring the curriculum decision-making of early childhood teachers
Joce Nuttall and Suzy Edwards

Transitions within the centre and to school: Research at a Samoan-language immersion centre
Valerie N. Podmore with Jan Taouma and the A’oga Fa’a Samoa

An integrative curriculum approach to road safety education
Joy Cullen and Pat Nolan

Designerly thinking: Locating technology education within the early childhood curriculum
Marilyn Fleer, Beverley Jane, and Jill Robbins

The role of arapü in reversing language shift in köhanga reo
Mere Skerrett-White

2003 - Volume 7

Avoiding "magical" thinking in children: The case for teachers' science subject knowledge

Helen Hedges

Theoretical approaches to transition
Sally Peters

"This is school... where people come to learn for school": What children need to know when they start school
Sue Dockett and Sarah Simpson

Noise in early childhood centres and effects on the children and their teachers
Stuart J. McLaren and Philip J. Dickinson

Shifts in thinking through a teachers' network
Linda Mitchell

What's important in early years education? Some messages from research
Caroline Sharp

ICT in pre-school settings: Benign addition or playroom revolution?
Christine Stephen and Lydia Plowman

Book review; Weaving Te Whäriki
Reviewed by Val Podmore

2002 - Volume 6

Quality improvement in early childhood services in New Zealand using The Quality Journey resource

Anne Meade and Anne Grey, with Liz Depree and Karen Hayward

"Don't eat other people's lunch". Children's views of starting school
Sue Dockett and Bob Perry

Using ICT to document children's learning
Wendy Lee, Ann Hatherly, and Karen Ramsey

Progression and continuity in early childhood: Teachers' theories and classroom practice
Elizabeth Wood

The Fence, or exploring the challenges of sociocultural assessment
Sarah Te One

Inclusionary early childhood centre policy and procedures: An examination of policies and enrolment protocols
Alexandra C. Gunn

The transition from kindergarten to school for children with special needs
Sue Wartmann

Making Sense of Early Literacy: A practitioner's perspective
Reviewed by Viv Hampton

2001 - Volume 5
Curriculum and Learning

Early childhood education: An enduring legacy

Cathy Wylie

The "child's questions": Programme evaluation with Te Whäriki using "Teaching Stories"
Val Podmore, Helen May, and Margaret Carr

Early numeracy
Sally Peters

Starting childcare: What it means for children, mothers, and teachers
Carmen Dalli

Transition to school from Pacific early childhood centres
Val Podmore, Le'autuli'ilagi Sauvao, and Lia Mapa (with Ina Mora, Tapaeru Tereora, and Suria Timotea)

Implementing a bicultural curriculum: Some considerations
Jenny Ritchie

Dolls for equity: foregrounding children's voices in learning respect and unlearning unfairness
Glenda MacNaughton


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