Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice


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2008 – Volume 23, No. 2

The Educational Leader in a Rapidly Changing World: New Contexts, New Challenges, New Purposes, New Qualities?

Mike Bottery

Leading Educational Re-design to Sustain Socially Just Schools Under Conditions of Instability
Jill Blackmore

Cultural Leadership: Creating Futures Our Ancestors Can Walk in with Our Children
Hine Waitere

Locating Women in Educational Leadership: An Historical Perspective
Jenny Collins

Positions and Dispositions: Locating Leaders Within New Zealand Secondary School Faculties
Catherine Feist

Leadership Leading Learning and Teaching: Leadership Practices in Early Childhood Resulting in Learning for Children
Barbara Jordan

Increasing Ethnocultural Diversity in New Zealand: Implications for School Leadership
Jennie Billot


2008 – Volume 23, No. 1

Leadership for Success in High Poverty Elementary Schools

Stephen L. Jacobson

Leadership dilemmas in New Zealand Early Childhood Education and Care Centres
Bronwyn Reynolds and Carol Cardno

Leading with Passion: Promoting Healthy Body Weights in Aboriginal Youth
Shelley Spurr

Politically-critical Reflections on Educative Leadership Research
Reynold Macpherson

The Perception of Staff on the Effects of Transformational Leadership in a Singapore School
Kala S. Retna and Ng Pak Tee

Leadership Story
The Road Less Travelled: Reflections on Professional Learning, School Leadership and Research




2007 – Volume 22, No. 2

Teacher Leadership: Refocusing on Pedagogy through Literacy

Noeline Wright

But What Do We Know About Women? Feminist Scholarship for/about Women Academic Leaders
Jane Wilkinson

EdD Research: Does it have a Future in Developing Educational Leaders?
Alison Taysum

Ni Vanuatu Women and Educational Leadership Development
Jane Strachan and Rachel Saunders

Leadership Story: Developing Empathic Leadership through Self-transformation
Steven Reissig


2007 – Volume 22, No. 1

Steve Has Had Three Job Offers, Ten Women Have Had None: Do Male Applicants Receive Preferential Treatment in the Employment Process?

Penni Cushman

What Do We Know About Middle-Level School Leaders in New Zealand? An Exploratory Study of Auckland Secondary Deputy and Assistant Principals
Neil Cranston

Putting Transformative Relationships into Action: Partnerships in a New Zealand Tertiary Institution
Cath Fraser and Lin Ayo

The Professional Artistry of Educational Leadership: Dimensions for Research Inquiry
Colin Gibbs

2006 – Volume 21 No. 2


Howard Youngs and Gayle Spry

Values-based leadership: a secondary principal’s perspective
Ross Notman

School community leadership: the voice of primary school principal
Gayle Spry and John Graham

Indigenous women’s career development: Australian voices that challenge educational leadership
Nereda White

Teacher leadership: a new form of managerialism?
Tanya Fitzgerald and Helen Gunter


2006 – Volume 21 No. 1


Jan Robertson

Leadership for improving the quality of secondary education: Some international developments
Bill Mulford

The missing link?: Middle leadership in schools in New Zealand and England
Tanya Fitzgerald and Helen Gunter with Joy Eaton

Spiritual daring, paradox and educational leadership
Deborah Fraser and Carolyn Shields

Promoting evaluation as a key value in a school’s culture
Wayne L Edwards

If you don’t feed school leaders they will eat the staff!
Richard Clarke

When you educated a women, you educate an entire generation
Louise Mutu

What kind of school leaders do we really need?
David Stewart

Learning to lead in higher education
P. Ramsden
Reviewed by: David Giles

Leading schools in a data-rich world, harnessing data for school improvement
Lorna M. Earl, Steven Katz
Reviewed by: Mary Sinclair

2005 – Volume 20 No. 2

Jan Robertson

Leadership implications of some positive developments in education policy
Ben Levin

Youth leadership: Creating meaningful leadership programmes for young women through the process of co-construction
Rachel Saunders

Coaching for pedagogical change
Mike Sutton

Using the budgeting process to seek to raise student performance at a New Zealand secondary school
Colin Scott

Balancing or juggling? The challenges of professional and domestic work for women principals
Tanya Fitzgerald and Wendy Moore

Performance standards for primary school middle managers: Conspicuous by their absence?
Alison Smith

Nola Campbell’s leadership story: A tribute
Ivan Snook

Coaching leadership: Building educational leadership capacity through coaching partnerships
J. Robertson
Reviewed by: Howard Youngs


2005 – Volume 20 No. 1

Jan Robertson

When institutional cultures collide: Race, reconstruction and leadership in post-aparthied South Africa
Jonathan D. Jansen

Learning logs: A path to learner-centred leadership
Rachel Allan

Leading – from theory into practice: Fostering a collaborative research partnership with academic-practitioners
Richard Smith, Lara Syddall and Robert Taylor

Crossing cultural boundaries or caught in political crossfire?
Marian Court

The role of the principal in leadership in teaching and learning
Alaster Gibson

Educational leadership: Creating space for symbols, rituals and memories
Colin Gibbs

Deliberate leadership: making time for the big picture
Linda Tame

More busy-work for schools
Ken Rae

Education management in managerialist times: Beyond the textual apologies
M. Thrupp and R. Willmott
Reviewer: Anne Grey


2004 – Volume 19 No. 2

Jan Robertson

Forming capable leaders: From competencies to capabilities
Patrick Duignan

Curriculum leadership: Secondary school principals’ perspectives on this challenging role in New Zealand
Carol Cardno and Dallas Collett

Improving teachers’ professional learning: The quality learning circle approach
Susan Lovett and Peter Verstappen

Gender matters with/in middle management
Tanya Fitzgerald

Leadership as capacity building in online teaching and learning: The obligation to collaborate
Diane Forbes

Annual reporting by New Zealand secondary schools: Assessing the comprehensiveness of performance disclosures
Stuart Tooley and James Guthrie

A collaborative kete
Donna Behl

The education review office – an exemplary metamorphosis?
Richard Smith

Learning to read critically in educational leadership and management
M. Wallace and L. Poulson (Editors) London: Sage (2003)
Reviewers: Huhana Forsyth; Alison Smith


2004 – Volume 19
SPECIAL EDITION: Educational Leadership for Social Justice

Jane Strachan

A conversation with Carolyn Shields
Richard Smith

Good intentions are not enough: Leadership for social justice and academic excellence
Carolyn M. Shields

Conceptualising educational leadership for social justice
Martin Thrupp

“You know what I mean?”: Initiating critical dialogue on the term social justice
Susan Sandretto

Social justice theory and practice: P?keh?, Kaupapa M?ori and educational leadership
Alex Barnes

Work/life balance as a social justice for school principals: What can we learn from innovatory practices?
Marian Court

Engaging with dominance and knowing our desires: New possibilities for addressing sexualities matters in early childhood education
Alexandra C. Gunn and Nicola Surtees

When Nanny spoke I learnt about commitment, love and leadership
Pare Kana

Our responsibilities as educational administrators
John Hinchcliff

Tenure in the sacred grove: Issues and strategies for women and minority faculty
Cooper, Joanne E., & Stevens, Dannelle, D. 2002
Reviewer: Jane Strachan

2003 – Volume 18

Teachers as professional leaders
Karen Sewell

Combating disadvantage? Successful leadership in schools facing challenging circumstances
Alma Harris

Writing stories: Telling tales of educational leadership practice
Noeline Wright

Student appraisal: Moving toward inclusive leadership in the learning community
Ruth Gorinski & Boyce Davey

Organisational culture and the image of the child
Lorraine McLeod

Evidence-based leadership: The use of running records
Helen S. Timperley

Primary and secondary teachers’ perceptions of their appraisal: Implications for school leaders
Howard Youngs and Peter Grootenboer

Reflecting and projecting: Thoughts about educational leadership for the future
Wayne Edwards

The managerial school: Post-welfarism and social justice in education
Gewirtz, Sharon. 2002
Reviewer: Richard Smith

Women and school leadership: International perspectives
Reynolds, Cacilia. 2002
Reviewer: Joanne E. Cooper

2002 – Volume 17

What is important in educational administration: Learning-centred school leadership
Geoff Southworth

Defining school culture for school effectiveness
Lesley Murrihy

Focusing a crowded leadership agenda: Social justice and academic excellence
Carolyn M. Shields

Issues in secondary school curriculum leadership
John O’Neill

From professional development courses to qualification credit: A case study
John Rosanowski and Colin Williams

Tertiary education in New Zealand: Issues and dilemmas
Noeline Alcorn

Leaders and leadership in education
Gunter, Helen M. 2001
Reviewer: Noeline Wright

2001 – Volume 16

International Directions for School Principal Training: New Zealand’s Response
Jennie Billot

School Culture, Leadership and Community: Possibilities for Schools
Judy Parr and Tanya Fitzgerald

Transformative Leadership and the Development of a Community School Culture
Ruth Gorinski and Boyce Davey

Striving to become an Effective School: How one Principal is getting the most out of Appraisal
Eileen Piggot-Irvine and Lionel Devaliant

Implementing the National Qualifications Framework: Lessons from PTEs
Jane Terrell

More than Just Another Qualification
John Rosanowski

The Relative Merits of Reward and Punishment in Shaping Behaviour
Alan Fielding

An Investigation into a School Learning Innovation” Dilemmas Raised for a Teacher Researcher
Mark Evans

The Jean Herbison Fellowship Report: leader and leadership in Schools: Lessons from Britain
Tanya Fitzgerald

2000 – Volume 15

Is it possible to motivate staff?
Eileen Piggot-Irvine

Achieving Collaborative Accountability: The School Effectiveness Review Process
Larry Sackney, Pauline Leonard and David Hawley

Where it’s at! Professional development courses: school-based or campus-based?
Fran Baker and Glynn Lorrigan

The Effectiveness of Secondary School Student Evaluation of Teacher Performance
Linda Tod

The Keys to Unlocking School Review
Christine McLeish

Effectiveness of Student Representative on School Boards of Trustees
Lester Davison

Kit e tuatoru: School Enrolment Schemes and a possible Third Way in the Administration of the School Sector in Aotearoa New Zealand
Ken Rae

Four Secondary School Heads of Department at Work
John O’Neill

Middle Managers in Secondary Schools: Who are they and what do they need to know?
Tanya Fitzgerald

1999 – Volume 14

Viewpoint: Reforming Education – was this Indeed ‘The’ New Zealand Experience?
Ken Rae

Innovative Schoolings Test Upon Effective Middle Management
Eileen Piggot-Irvine and John Locke

Review of the Course Evaluation Questionnaire and Implications for New Zealand Universities
Reynold Macpherson

Assessment in Primary Schools
Helen Williams

Managing the Load
Gary Punler

Preparing Principals for Leadership
Bill Barwood

The New Secondary Teachers’ professional Standards: Implications for Professional Development and Performance Management
Rod Duncan

Evaluating the Management Team’s Performance
Wayne Edwards

Problem-Based Methodology in Leadership Development: Interventions to improve Dilemma Management
Carol Cardno

The Principalship and Learning Outcomes – Is there a Connection? Some Implications for School Leadership
John Rosanowski

‘Threats, Challenges and Opportunities’: Report of the 1998 Jean Herbison Fellow
Paul Potaka

1998 – Volume 13

The Reforms and Multicultural Schools
Stuart Middleton

Challenges and Aspirations: Reviewing the Education Review Office
Wayne Edwards

High Altitude Performance Compensation
Craig McDowall

Roles of Deputy Principals
John Douglas

School Choice and Enrolment Schemes
Ken Rae

Leadership in Early Childhood: The Kindergarten Experience
Cushla Scrivens

Teacher Professional Development
Eleanor Burt and Lester Davison

The Lack of Male Teachers in Primary Schools
Penni Cushman

School Culture, Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment
Joseph Tze-kin Mak

Developing Schools which meet the Challenges of the Future
Carolyn Stuart

1997 – Volume 12

Opinion: Viral Newspeak in our Schooling?
Tony Collins

Marketing in Schools – does it have all of the Answers?
Iain Taylor

Power Sharing in Schools
Ken rae

The Principal as Head Learner
Susan Lovett

Leadership for School Improvements: The Role of the HOD
Marie Brown, Desmond Rutherford and Sue Ralph

Learning Styles of Leaders in Schools – are New Zealanders Different?
Eileen Piggot-Irvine

Identity, Access and Maori Advancement
M.H. Durie

Navigating into the 21st Century
Craig McDowell

Principal Selection by Boards of Trustees
Ross Notman

1997 Dame Jean Herbison Fellowship Report
Jacqui Duncan

1996 – Volume 11

Opinion: Education Management – How does the theory match practice?
John Rentoul

Alternative models of Educational Management in the Schools of Aotearoa/New Zealand
Ken Rae

Practical Lessons from Overseas School Improvement Projects
Mel Cooper

Primarily Enterprising
Ron Clink

Appraisal and Accountability: Views of Secondary School Principals
Helen Timperley and Viviane Robinson

Professional Development: An Holistic Approach
Carol Cardno

School Leaders Professional Development Programme
L. Bartlett, G. Lee, I. Morrison and L. Ward

Mentoring as a Professional Development Tool in Early Childhood Settings
Pat Irvine and Susan Lovett

Developments in Learning in Australia
Jan Daley, Jean Herbison Fellow


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