History of Education Review


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2009 – Volume 38, No. 1

Women and Technical Education in Auckland 1895–1922
Louise Shaw

Discovering Hannah King Through Her Textiles
Vivien Caughley

Individualism in Correspondence Education in 1938 And 1950
Francis Lee

Countrymindedness and the Democratic Intellect
Richard Ely

The Manufacture of German Demonisation in British School History Textbooks 1900-1930
Keith Crawford

Veterinary Education in New Zealand, C1900-1964
Edgar Burns

Emergence and Development of Educational Programs for People with Disabilities Between 1750 and 1860
Pieter Verstraete


2008 – Volume 37, No. 2

Timeless Projects
Maxine Stephenson

Lucy Spence Morice
Lynne Trethewey

Voices from Technical Education
Lesley F. Preston

The Professional Lives of Home Science Graduates from the University of New Zealand
Jenny Collins

The Means of Creative Expression
Susan Wood

Puberty Blues and the Representation of an Australian Comprehensive High School
Josephine May

Imag-Ining Ourselves
Helen Moore


2008 – Volume 37, No. 1

Images and Icons
Úna Ní Bhroiméil

Khaki in the Classroom
Craig Stockings

The March to Nation
Lorna Mclean

Lest We Forget
Peter Rushbrook

Comprehensive Post-Primary Schooling in New Zealand
Gregory Lee


2007 – Volume 36, No. 2

The Middle Class and the Government High School
Craig Campbell

Sex Education at Shepparton South Technical School, Victoria, 1973-1986
Lesley F. Preston

Cyril Jackson’s Attempts to Establish Relevant Schooling in a Rural Setting
Joanne I.F. Godfrey

Civics Education and Epistemology at Victorian Primary Schools, 1930s and 1950s
Vicki Macknight

The Workers’ Educational Association of Victoria 1920-1941
Gordon Dadswell


2007 – Volume 36, No. 1

The Spinster Teacher in Australia from the 1870s to the 1960s
Kay Whitehead

The Brisbane Exhibition and Education in Colonial Queensland
Joanne Scott

The Salvation Army and British Juvenile Migration to Australia
Esther Daniel

Tracing the Origin of Rudolph Steiner’s Pedagogy of Imagination
Thomas Neilsen, Julia Smith

Student Activists at Sydney University 1960-1967
Alan Barcan


2006 – Volume 35, No. 2

Heil Mary: Magdalen Asylums and Moral Regulation in Ireland
Brian Titley

Picturing the History of Teacher Education: Photographs and Methodology
Malcolm Vick and Fay Gasparin

The Progressive Credentials of Patrick Henry Pearse
Brendan Walsh

Rewriting the Responsible Parent
Wayen S Mcgowan

Exploitation or Experience in South Australian Schools 1931-1945
Anthony Mcguire


2006 – Volume 35, No. 1

From the Genius of the Man to the Man of Genius
Richard Selleck

The ‘Pictorial Turn’ and Representations of Secondary Schools in Two Australian Feature Films of the 1970s
Josephine May

A Secondary Teacher Training Initiative for a New Era
Maxine Stephenson

Notions of ‘Civilisation’ and the Project to Civilise’ Aborigines in South Australia in the 1840s
Anne Scrimgeour

A Case Study of the Segregation of Aboriginal Children in New South Wales, Australia
John Ramsland

The Emergence of an Information-Based Civil Society in Post-Dictatorship Argentina, 1984-2004
Katherine Worboys


2005 – Volume 34, No. 2

A Dose of Castor Oil
Christine Trimingham-Jack

I Always Had to be a Teacher
Lynne Trethewey

From ‘Apprentice’ to Professional
Jenny Collins

Indigenous Education in Colonial Papua New Guinea
Lyndon Megarrity

Making Difficult Things Plain
Kathleen M. Fennessy

From the Genius of the Man to the Man of Genius
Bernadette Baker


2005 – Volume 34, No. 1

From the Genius of the Man to the Man of Genius
Bernadette Baker

Educational ‘Traditions’ and School ‘Topics’
Pip Lynch

Amsing: Modern Versus Classical Education
Hilda T.A.

A Child of Change
Jo May

The Schoolmaster of All Ireland
David Limond


2004 – Volume 33, No. 2

Fashioning the Country Teacher in the Interwar Years
Kay Whitehead

Whatever Happened To The Male Teacher? Gendered Discourses and Progressive Education in Sweden 1945-2000
Britt-Marie Berge

Religious Education and the Rise of Psychological Childhood in NZ
Geoffrey Troughton

Zionist Geographical Textbooks 1918 To 1948
Yuval Dror

The 1937 New Education Fellowship Conference and New South Wales Examination Reform
John Godfrey


2004 – Volume 33, No. 1

Strategies for Survival and Success
Jenny Collins

From Patriotism to Critical Democracy
Barry Down

Rationalism and Its Opposition
Ralph Biddington

Change and Constancy
John O'Neill

Architect of Young Lives
Malcolm Prentis


2003 – Volume 32, No. 2

Methodological Perspectives on Researching Recent Policy History in Australian Schooling
Mary Welsh

‘Making Do’: The Politics and Pragmatics of the Use of Temporary Spaces in New Zealand Schools.
Maxine Stephenson

Gender and Geography: The Schooling of Poor Girls in the Highlands and Islands of Nineteenth-Century Scotland
Jane Mcdermid

The Centralisation of a Public System of Education in Colonial New South Wales: The Fate of Two Ideas Transmitted From Imperial Core to Colonial Periphery?
Jean Ely

A School Between the Desert and the Sea: A School and its Environment
Nirit Raichel

Transcending Boundaries: Children as Cultural Icons
Anne Bloomfield


2003 – Volume 32, No. 1

Child Abuse Scandals and the Catholic Church: Are We Asking the Right Questions?
Thomas O’Donoghue

The ‘Willing’ and the ‘Able’: A Case Study of Curriculum Reform in the Early 20th Century
Peter Meadmore

Telling Tales Out of School: The Weaving of School Stories into Life Stories
Barbara Pamphilon

‘In the Double Character of Politician and Divine’: Nathan Wetherell and His Son Charles at Oxford, 1770-1846
David Wetherell

Avatars of Art Pedagogy in New South Wales
Chris Peers

Creating a Disciplined Society: CMS Women and the Re-Making of Nga Puhi Women, 1823-35
Tanya Fitzgerald


2002 – Volume 31, No. 2

Reproducing an English Sensibility: Landscape and Schooling in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, 1944-1965
Christine Trimingham Jack

Dutch Jewish Primary Schools in the First Half of the 19th Century: Education Between Modern Politics And Religious Aspirations
Marjoke Rietveld-Van Wingerden, Johan Sturm & Siebren Miedema

Constructing the Teacher and Schooling the Nation
Bill Green & Jo-Anne Reid

Installing English at the Hub of Early Twentieth Century School Curricula in Australia
Annette Patterson

A School for Chinese in Adelaide, 1882-1924
R.C. Petersen

Social Justice in Education in Australia Circa 1983-1996: The Becoming Of A Market
Mark Sinclair


2002 – Volume 31, No. 1

Reinventing Mastery, Service and Social Infancy: Patriarchal Legal Precedents of Age, Gender and Class Relations.
Pavla Miller

Conjuring Childhood: Proustian Mnemonics and a Culture’s Collective Recollections
Ian Jackson

Suspending Jacquelynne Willcox: A South Australian Episode in the History of Youth and the High School, 1973-1974
Craig Campbell

Gender, Merit and Identity at Parramatta High School, 1913-1919
Helen Proctor

Mapping Art as a Matriculation Subject in New South Wales
Chris Peers

A New Source for Reconstructing the History of Education and the Classroom: Argentine Primary School Multi-Task Notebooks
Silvina Gvirtz & Sarah Robert

W.F. Connell (1916-2001): An Appreciation
R.C. Petersen


2001 – Volume 30, No. 2

'Simply Madness'?: Historical Perspectives on Teachers and University Study
Kay Morris Matthews

Fences, Boundaries and Imagined Communities: Re-Thinking the Construction of Early Mission Schools and Communities in New Zealand, 1823-1830
Professor Tanya Fitzgerald

Normality and Meaningfulness: Detailing the Child in Eighteenth Century England
Gavin Kendall

Lost in the Bush: Searching for the Australian Child
Jan Kociumbas

Changing Emphases in Australian Indigenous Higher Education
Bronwyn Ellis

An Australian Hybrid: Australia's Universities and Their Colleges
Philip Raymont


2001 – Volume 30, No. 1

Christian Thomasius' Attack on Protestant Scholasticism
Ian Hunter

Foucault, Historiography, and Writing a History of the child: Productive Paradoxes
Bernadette Baker

Coming up to the Standard: Normalising Practices in Swedish Grammar Schools 1927-1960
Ulla Johannson

Australia's First National Report on Vocational Education: The Commonwealth-State Apprenticeship Inquiry (The Wright Report) 1954
Peter Rushbrook

Its History Could Not Save It: Bendigo City and its College
Anthony Potts

'Cultural Influence' or 'Cultural Imperialism'? Australian Secondary History Curricula and the United States Information Service since 1990
Robert Austin


2000 – Volume 29, No. 2

Re-visiting the Connections between School, Work and Learning in the Workplace.
Allyson Holbrook

Education and Dictatorship in Argentina, 1976-1983 Translated and edited by Robert Austin.
Carolina Kaufmann

Disciplining the Native Body: Handwriting and its Civilising Practices
Alison Jones and Kuni Jenkins

Genocide and Schooling in Capricornia: Educating the Stolen Generation.
Tony Austin

Domestic Science, Race Motherhood and Eugenics in Australian State Schools, 1900-1960.
Grant Rodwell

The Global Good Neighbour: U.S. Intervention in National Cultures and Education since the 1960's
Robert Austin


2000 – Volume 29, No. 1

Technical Bodies: Towards a Gendered History of Technical Education in Queensland, 1880s-1940.
Joanne Scott, Catherine Manathunga & Noeline Kyle

Higher Education, Work and 'Overstrain of the Brain': Amy Marion Elliott M.Sc., University of Tasmania, 1900.
Kay Whitehead

'Haunts of the Street Bully': Social Reform and the Queensland Children's Playground Movement, 1910-1930.
Jodi Frawley

Don't Ask For Too Much! Swedish Pre-School Teachers, the State, and the Union, 1906-1965.
Kerstin Holmlund

Private School Educators And New South Wales Examination Reform 1930-1957: Confrontation To Cooperation.
John Godfrey & Alex Pouw-Bray


1999 – Volume 28, No. 2

A Civics Excursion: Ends and Means For Old and New Citizenship Education
Denise Meredyth & Julian Thomas

Catholic Influence and the Secondary School Curriculum in Ireland, 1922-1962
Thomas A. O'Donoghue

`Keeping the Well of English Undefiled': Literacy in the New Zealand Primary School Curriculum, 1904-29
Janet Soler

What Was 'Our Nation's Story'? New Zealand Primary School History Textbooks Between the Wars
Colin Mcgeorge

Citizenship and Geography Education: The Role of NSW Geography Syllabuses Since World War II
Ruth Reynolds


1999 – Volume 28, No. 1

Shaking the Foundations: On the (Im)Possibility of Writing a History of Women in Higher Education
Alison Mackinnon

`That History is More a Part of the Present Than it Ever Was in the Past': Toward an Ethnohistory of Native Education
Michael Marker

`The School is a Miniature Society': Libidinising Australian Citizenship in the 1950s
Esther Faye

`A Dragon With Claws Which Feeds on the Young': The Reaction Against Rugby in the New Zealand Secondary Schools 1920-30
Greg Ryan

Turning the Gaze on Itself: Examining the `Scholarship'.
Daphne Meadmore



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