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2007 – Volume 9 Special Issue

With Hindsight

Joanna Curzon

Participatory Action Research: An Overview
Michael Gaffney

Ethical Principles in Practice
Liz Smith

Making Assumptions vs Building Relationships
Jill Bevan-Brown, Janis Carroll-Lind, Alison Kearney, Barbara Sperl and Mary Sutherland

Building Communities of Support around a Child with Special Education Needs
Judy Lamb

Learning from Each Other
Robbie Lamont

Teaming from Three Perspectives
Judith Cain

What We Did
Anna Kelly

What Works for One
Anna Kelly


2008 – Volume 9 Issue 2

Raising Your Sights Beyond Your Immediate Understandings
An interview with Emeritus Professor Keith Ballard

Roseanna Bourke and Michael Gaffney

Who are the Best Teachers of Pasifika Children?
Ezra Schuster

Comment on Schooling for Happiness: Rethinking the Aims of Education
Ted Glynn

The Importance of Educating Student Teachers in Inclusive Education
Wendy Neilson and Ashlie Brink

A Pacific Experience
Donna Smith

Are Girls Behaving Like Boys?
Rosie Arnott

An Insight into the Educational Needs of Deaf High School Students
Tracey Esera

Ko te Maoopopo ko te Lima Malohi
Kathryn Meredith, Tim Andersen, Louella Neale, Colleen Taylor and Ezra Schuster

Anticipated Death in New Zealand School Communities
Katherine Broughton

Ethical Issues for an Editorial Board: Kairaranga
John Clark


2007 – Volume 8 Issue 1

Editorial, Editorial Board, Contact Details

Merging Personal and Professional Identities: An Interview with Ted Glynn
George Middleton and Ted Glynn

Nurturing Talent through Curriculum Integration
Chris Brough
(Practice Paper)

Fairer to Fathers: The role of schools in nurturing positive fatherhood – A United Kingdom perspective
Barry Carpenter
(Position Paper)

Text-bullying among Early Adolescents
Juliana Raskauskas

The Comparable World of Calves and School Bulling
Alison Sutherland
(Practice paper)

STAR Implication and Issues: An analysis of data generated from the Supplementary Test of Achievement in Reading
Keith Greaney and William Tunmer

A Story of Transition to School
Louise Bourne
(Storied Experience)

Let Me Fly
Robin Keown
(Storied Experience)

Making Musical Connections
Paula O’Regan
(Practice Paper)

Music Therapy in Special Education: Where are we now?
Daphne Rickson and Katrina McFerran

2006 – Volume 7 Issue 2

In the Beginning…: An Interview with Cath Steeghs, Carol Watts, Graeme Nobilo and Paul Mitchell

Judith Hickman

In the Eye of the Beholder: Parent teacher and researcher assessment in a study of precocious readers
Valarie Margrain
(Research paper)

Three Models for Understanding Gifted Education
Angela Page
(Research paper)

Insight into an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jen Birch
(Storied experience)

Narrative Psychology: A tool for ecological practice
Jean Annan, Anna Priestly and Roger Phillipson
(Research/Practice paper)

To smack or Not to Smack?
Robin Keown
(Position paper)

An Evaluation of the Discovery Time Programme
Rebecca Fisher and Brenda Martin
(Practice paper)

A Case Against the Categorisation of Children and Youth: Part 2: Professional perspectives
Peter Stanley
(Position paper)

2006 – Volume 7 Issue 1

Understanding Ourselves as Learners: An interview with Professor Joy Cullen

Roseanne Bourke

Transition to School: A pilot project
Jan Salter and Jill Redman
(Practice paper)

Ryan’s Story
Bronwyn Julian
(Personal experience)

Talking with Families about Things that are Hard for Them to Hear
Stephen Robinson
(Practice paper)

Relational Aggression between Primary School Girls
Jennifer Browne and Janis Carroll-Lind
(Research paper)

Getting Things to Stick: Exploring the narratives of young New Zealanders who experience specific learning difficulties
Sheryn Marshall, Clare Hocking and Jan Wilson
(Research paper)

A case against the Categorisation of Children and Youth: Part 1: Theoretical perspectives
Peter Stanley
(Position paper)

The Specialist Service Standards
Sue Nikoia
(Practice paper)

Professional Learning through Practice
Jill Ford
(Practice paper)

Stranger and Stranger in a Strange Land: Living overseas and how it has influenced my understanding of students with “special needs”
Wendy Holley
(Personal experience)

2006 – Volume 7 Special Edition

Enhancing Effective Practice in Special Education (EEPiSE): In it together

Vijaya Dharan
(Practice paper)

Enhancing Effective Inclusive Practice: Knowing, doing and believing
Martyn Rouse
(Keynote address)

Teaching Maori Children with Special Education Needs: Getting rid of the too hard basket
Jill Beva-Brown
(Keynote address)

Teaching Strategies: For some or for all?
Lani Florian
(Keynote address)

A torrent of Change: Enhancing effective change in special education – one school’s journey
Chris Morris and Shirley Katon
(Practice paper)

Within our Circle of Influence
Namratha Hiranniah and Bernadette Mahoney
(Practice paper)

Reflections on an Action Research project: An interview with staff at Mt Richmond Special School
Savi Bhupala, Gurjeet Toor and Kathy Dooley
(Personal experience)

Putting Enjoyment into the Lunch Break: Enhancing effective practice at Ferndale School
Dorothy Wilson and Stephen Evans
(Practice paper)

Raising the Bar in Reading
Taryn Naidoo and Roshilla Naicker
(Practice paper)

Building Resiliency in Students with Special Education Needs: A journey of discovery
Alan Mears and Rosalie Stevenson
(Practice Paper)

Motueka High School Storied Experience: Teaching and learning strategies
Tracey Ellery and Jan Trafford
(Practice paper)

What Does it Take to Facilitate?
Bruce Kent
(Research/practice paper)

Challenging Teachers’ Practice through Learning: Reflections on the Enhancing Effective Practice in Special Education programme of research and professional practice
Roseanna Bourke
(Research/practice paper)

2005 – Volume 6 Issue 2

Editorial, Editorial Board, Contact Details

An interview with: Tokararangi Totoro
Sonja Bateman

Whiti ki rungi! Gifted and talented Maori learners
Angua Macfarlane and Roger Moltzen
(Research paper)

Ecological practice: Illustrations from educational psychology in New Zealand
Jean Annan
(Research paper)

Transition in Action: Targeting students with difficulties transitioning from Year 8 to Year 9
Denise Burrow
(Practice paper)

Index for Inclusion
Allister Smith
(Practice paper)

Two interventions that enhance the metacognition of students with disabilities: Cognitive cue cards and corresponding training
Garth Ritchie
(Practice paper)

The national Reading Recovery data as a possible indicator of reading progress for six-year-olds in New Zealand: Some issues
Keith Greaney
(Research paper)

Articulation research 2004: Summary of Results
Jayne Moyle
(research paper)

Supervision: Using evidence to support our practice
Wendy Holley
(Research paper)

Ecological and developmental issues in the practice of educational psychology
Josephine Bowler
(Research paper)

2005 – Volume 6 Issue 1

Editorial, Editorial Board, Contact Details

A snapshot of organisational provisions for Maori children and youth with special needs
Jill Bevan-Brown
(Research paper)

A Ministry of Education, industry and community partnership strategy
Alison Sutherland
(Practice paper)

What happened on 18 September 2004: Life after the introduction of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (HPCCA), 2003
Maggie Roe-Shaw
(Practice paper)

A case study of students’ perceptions of goal setting as a tool for learning
Helga Grant
(Research paper)

Getting to the heart of the matter: Examining the efficiency of a whole-school approach to behaviour management
Bridget Scott
(Research paper)

Foundations for behaviour management: A systems approach
Diane Andrews and Trevor Clark
(Practice paper)

Shortening the tail: A critical look at the prompts New Zealand Teachers use in teaching reading
Margaret Coogan
(Practice paper)

An interview with Don Brown
Lesley Dunn and Tiri Sotiri

Prevention through parent training: Making more of a difference
Peter Stanley and Lesley Stanley
(Research paper)

2004 – Volume 5 Issue 2

Editorial, Editorial Board, Contact Details

A Shackled Heart: Teacher Aides’ Experience of Supporting Student with High Needs in Regular Classes.
Chris Tutty and Clare Hocking

Bringing up Father
Peter Stanley

The Educational Experiences of Students with Asperger Syndrome
Jennifer Tippett

Bullying: What do Students say?
Janis Carroll-Lind and Alison Kearney

Just do it: Supporting a World of Difference
Eileen Diamond and Cindy Fox

Seeds for Success: He Kakano Ka Puawai: School Entry Behaviour Screening and Intervention
Bill Gilmore and Dave Laurie

Improving School Culture: What we Learned from Three Primary Schools
Michael Gaffney, Jaleh McCormack, Nancy Higgens and Nicola Taylor

Interview with Barbara Disley
Liz Brady

Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Caseload Characteristics, and Interventions Implemented by Speech-Language Therapists
Deborah L. Smith and Gail T. Gillon



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