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2006 – Volume 16

Editorial: Ninety-Nine Percent Fat-Free

Ian Livingstone

Merger, Mana, Scholarship and Power: Four Perspectives of Issues Impacting on Quality in Teacher Education in the Merger of College of Education with University
Janinka Greenwood, Elaine Mayo, Lynne H?rata Te Aika, and Lawrence Walker

“Teachers of Promise”: Is Teaching Their First Career Choice?
Susan Lovett

Prison Education in Aotearoa New Zealand: From Justive to Corrections
Nesta Devine

Tertiary Education for Students with Impairnements: A Code of Practice at the Beginning of the Journey
Lisa Bird Claiborne and Alexandra Smith

Text-Bullying in New Zealand: A Mobile Twist on Traditional Bullying
Juliana Raskauskas and Jane E. Prochnow

Three stages in the Digital Integration of New Zealand Schools
Louise Starkey and Ken Sevens

The Changing Face of Kindergarten: A National Picture of Two-Year Olds Within Kindergartens
Judith Duncan, Carmen Dalli and Julie Lawrence

Early Childhood Education and Care: Learning from Finland
Colin Tarr

Changing Courses: A Study of the Responsiveness of Schools to the National Qualification Framework
Erin Pilcher and David Philips

The Contribution of Research to the Review of National Qualifications Policy: The Case of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)
David Philips


2005 – Volume 15

Editorial: Neo-this and neo-that
Ian Livingstone

The Labour government, networks, and the creation of elite tertiary institutions in New Zealand
Rob Strathdee

Improving tertiary student outcomes in an evidence-based accountability policy framework
Nick Zepke and Linda Leach

Kaupapa Maori intervention in post-graduate education: Ko te pae tawhiti arumia kia tata: Seek to bring the distant horizons closer
Margaret Wilkie

Commercial school-business relationships in New Zealand
David Stuart

Drawing on discourses: Policy actors in the debates over the national certificate of education achievement 1996-2000
Karen Dobric

The digital horizons: Laptops for teachers’ policy initiative: Impacts and consequences
Bronwen Cowie, Alister Jones and Ann Harlow

Election year politics, 2005, and the “nanny state”
Helen May

Notions of Leadership in the New Zealand ECE centres innovation programme
Kate Thornton

Credible subject or callow intruder? Social studies in the secondary school
Rowena Taylor

Innovative initiatives; targeting the declining science enrolments in Ireland
Veronica McCauley, Kevin Davison and Keith Sullivan


2004 – Volume 14

Editorial: Exciting debacles
Ian Livingstone

Rescuing NCEA: Some possible ways forward
Warwick Elley, Cedric Hall and Reg Marsh

The NCEA in the context of the knowledge society and national policy expectations
Rosemary Hipkins

“Official school improvement” in England and New Zealand: A cautionary comparison
Martin Thrupp

Measuring “value added” in New Zealand schools
Rob Strathdee and Therese Boustead

School network reviews: A framework of questions for discussion
Catherine Savage

Effective teaching and standards for teaching: A loose coupling
Lexie Grudnoff, Eleanor Hawe and Bryan Tuck

Teaching and research: The Canterbury declaration and Popper’s legacy for teacher educators
John Clark

Teacher education, training and experience: Knowing what, how, when, why and with
Lex McDonald

Reviewing and rethinking parent support and parent education opportunities in New Zealand
Judith Duncan, Chris Bowden and Anne Smith

Children’s rights and early childhood policy: Impacts and influences
Sarah Te One

Analysing the early childhood qualification policy implementation: The experience of Montessori centres
Sola Freeman

Environment education: A place in the curriculum?
Rachel Bolstad


2003 - Volume 13


Editorial: Money, Money, Money
Ian Livingstone

Education Myths as a Framework for Education Policy: Towards a New Myth
John Clark

Export Education and the Commercialisation of Public Education in New Zealand
John Codd

The Quiet Crisis: International Students in New Zealand Secondary Schools
Deb King

Small New Zealand Primary Schools: Current Policy, Its Impact and Some Alternatives
Graham Collins

Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF): Policy and Practice
Cedric Hall, Kay Morris Matthews and Theresa Sawicka

Education Reform in Quebec: Pluralism and Citizenship
Ann Beer

On the Faultline Between the Profession and the State: The Ambiguous Role of Teacher Professional Bodies
Noeline Alcorn

Shared Principalship of Schools
Debby Upsall

Moving the Frontiers of Convention 1975-2003: An Overview of the Early Childhood Education Landscape
Helen May

Collectivism, Communities and Constellations: Some Reflections on Early Childhood Innovations 2003
Valerie N. Podmore

Beginning Literacy: The Small-Unit Versus Large-Unit Debate Continues
Juliet Twist

Peaceful Perspectives: Peace Education, Educating for Peace
Marg Sellers

How to Make "What Works" Work: A Role for the Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour
Charlotte Thomson


2002 - Volume 12

Editorial: Serendipity

Ian Livingstone

Adult learning, Tertiary Education Policy in New Zealand and the Future
Nick Zepke

A Conversation on the Philosophy and Practice of Teaching Research in Maori aud Pacific Education
Wally Penetito and Kabini Sanga

Going, Going ...? Men in Primary Teaching in New Zealand
Ian Livingstone

Teacher Refresher Courses and Effective Professional Development for Teachers
Kate Thornton

Teachers' Understanding and Use of Formative Assessment in Literacy Learning
Helen Dixon and Ruth Williams

Parental Choice or School Choice: Who Benefits from the Removal of Zoning?
Carrie Beaven

Open Learning to Sustain Rural Schools: The Replication of a Three-Stage Model
Ken Stevens

Sex Education in Primary Schools?
Jill Young

The Numeracy Development Project: Policy to Practice
Joanna Higgins, with Ro Parsons and Malcolm Hyland

Early Childhood Education in 2002: Pathways to the Future
Carmen Dalli and Sarah Te One


2001 - Volume 11

Editorial: No Man Is An Island

Ian Livingstone

The Cultural Myths and the Realities of Teaching and Learning
Graham Nuthall

The Third Way for Tertiary Education Policy: TEAC and Beyond
John Codd

Evaluating the Tertiary Education Advisory Commission: An Insider's Perspective
Jonathan Boston

Daring to be Different: The Rise and Fall of Auckland Metropolitan College
Karen Vaughan

Kura Kaupapa Maori: Tomorrow's Schools and Beyond
Peter Appleby

Currents of Change: Ear1y Childhood Education in 2001
Linda Mitchell

Can My Students Foot It With the Best? The Impact of Global Influences on the Primary Curriculum
Sandra Aikin

Teaching and the Phonics Debate: What Can We Learn?
G. Brian Thompson

Unreal Tournament: The Battle Over the New Zealand Social Studies Curriculum
Keith Sullivan

Let's Dig Down Deep: A Philosophical Look at Social Studies Education in New Zealand
Fiona Beals

School Entry Assessment: An Evaluation of its Ability to Support Formative Assessment and the Use of Teacher Judgement
Juliet Twist

The Assessment Resource Banks: From National Testing to a School-Based Resource
Cedric Croft

Assessment in Change: Some Reflections on the Local and International Background to the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)
Jim Strachan

Over Forty Years of Guidance Counselling: Specialist Teachers in New Zealand Secondary Schools 1959-2001 
Tina Besley

Peer Learning Groups for Teachers: A Norwegian Innovation
Elaine Munthe and Unni Midthassell

Special Education Policy with Regard to Adolescents with Moderate to Severe Behaviour Needs
Andrea Milligan

Index of Articles Published between 1991 and 2000 
by Ian Livingstone


2000 - Volume 10

Editorial: Drowning in Data?

Ian Livingstone

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA): "Fragile-Handle With Care"
Howard Lee and Gregory Lee

The Strategic Research Initiative Literature Reviews
David Philips, Susannah Roddick and Melissa Weenink

Transition to School: Current Issues and Pacific Islands Early Childhood Contexts
Valerie Podmore, Le'autuli'ilagi Sauvao and Lia Mapa

Pacific Nations Students in Primary Teacher Training
John Dickie

Sexuality Education - The Values Education Debate Continues
Kama Weir

The Dinosaurs Died a Long Time Ago: A Story from English in the New Zealand Curriculum
Christina Thornley, Karon Read and Vivienne Eason

The NEMP Experience: Professional Development of Teachers through the National Education Monitoring Project
Alison Gilmore

Teacher Accountability: Reflective Professional or Competent Practitioner?
Debby Upsall

Portfolio Assessment as a Means of Professional Development
Elizabeth ]ones

Teachers and Schools Succeeding Against the Odds: An Exploratory Case Study
Keith Sullivan

References Section
Ian Livingstone and Margaret Anderson

1999 - Volume 9

Editorial: Anyone for a Paradigm?

Ian Livingstone

Directions for Education in the Coming Millennium: Where to From Here?
Richard Watkins

The Development of Resource Teachers in New Zealand: A Quarter Century of Paradigm Change
Charlotte Thomson, Don Brown, Elizabeth Jones and Elizabeth Manins

Managing Teacher Performance in Today's Schools
Tricia Chapman

History Never Repeats Itself? Colonial Historical Trends Confront National Administration Guidelines
Richard Manning

Private Schools in New Zealand: An Endangered Species?
Colin McGeorge

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: The Bulk Funding Debate
Keith Sullivan Mapping the Landscape of the "Century of the Child"
Helen May

Science Can Inform Educational Practice: The Case of Literacy
William Tunmer, Jane Prochnow and James Chapman

A Visual Arts Curriculum Requires Vision
Carol Langton

National Certificate of Educational Achievement: Issues of Reliability, Validity and Manageability
Cedric Hall

Reference Section Compiled
Sarah Lambie


1998 - Volume 8

Editorial: Competition or Collaboration?

Ian Livingstone

A Critique of the Tertiary Education White Paper
Peter Roberts and Michael Peters

Stand Downs, Suspensions and Exclusions: Potential Impacts of the 1998 Education Amendment (No.2) Act
Ken Rae

Future Directions: Shaping Early Childhood Education Policy for the 21st Century - A Personal Perspective
Clare Wells

The Special Education Grant: A Parent and Practitioner View of SE2000 Policy
Margaret Chatfield

On the Bus: An Action Plan for Bully-Proofing Your School and Classroom
Mark Cleary and Keith Sullivan

Gender Equity Statements in the New Zealand National Curriculum Documents: Their Geneology and Likely Effects
Jane Gilbert

Constructing Technology Education: Questions of Purpose and Fit
Janet Davies

Recent Developments in National Assessment Policy in Education
David Philips

The 1998 Year 12 English Study Design Trial: A Standards-Based Alternative to Unit Standards
Terry Locke and Cedric Hall

Reference Section Compiled
Sarah Lambie


1997 – Volume 7

Editorial: Of Making Many Books

Ian Livingstone

Agendas for Change: Universities in the 21st Century
Michael paters and Peter Roberts

The National Qualifications Framework Green paper: What Future for the Framework?
Cedric Hall

Public Subsidies for Students in private Tertiary Education
Dave Guerin

Central and Local Control in Education
John Barrington

Ethnicity and School Choice
Sue Watson, David Hughes, Hugh Lauder, Robert Strathdee, & Ibrahim Simiyu

Bicultural Research and Support Programmes for Maori Students, Teachers and Communities
Ted Glynn, Mere Berryman, Kathryn Atvers, Wai Harawira, Rangiwhakaehu Walker, & Hone Kaiwai

Ko e Ako’ a e Kakai Pasifika, Pacific Islands People’s Education in Aotearoa, New Zealand Towards the 21st Century
Lesieli Tongati’o

Kindergartens and Their Removal from the State Sector Act
Claire Davison

Teaching: A Women-Only Profession?
Sarah-Eve Farquhar

The Third International Mathematics and Science Study: Some Implications for New Zealand
Robert Garden

Getting Heard: The CRASH Project, A Case Study of Community Involvement with “At Risk” Secondary School Students
Lloyd Martin, Keith Sullivan & Marcia Norton

“The David and Goliath Routine can Backfire – Tread Carefully”: A Focus Group Evaluation of the Kia Kaha Anti-Bullying Kit
Keith Sullivan

Yesterday’s Crisis and Tomorrow’s Schools: The 1954 Morals Inquiry and the Politics of Educational Reform
David Stuart

Reference Section
Compiled by Sarah Lambie

1996 – Volume 6

Editorial: Critic and Conscience

Ian Livingstone

The Ownership, Governance, and Accountability of Tertiary Institutions in New Zealand
Jonathan Boston

Quality Assurance and Audit in New Zealand Universities: A Review and Case Study
John Codd and Keith Sullivan

The Education Review Office and South Auckland Schools: A Case of Ideology Over Analysis?
Martin Thrupp

The National Qualifications Framework in 1996 and Beyond: A Call for Reflection on the Nature of Outcomes-Based Education
Cedric Hall

Assessment, Accountability and the 1995 School Certificate Science Examination
Geoff Stedman

Performance Indicators for New Zealand Schools: The Problems and the Potential
Barbara Annesley

Assessment Resource Banks for School-Based and National Assessment
Cedric Croft

Special Education 2000: Developing a Policy for Inclusive Education in New Zealand
Sue Brown

Don’t Be Too Polite Girls, Don’t Be Too Polite: Kindergarten Teachers and Employment Contracts
Judith Duncan and Lee Rowe

Reference Section
Compiled by Sarah Lambie

1995 - Volume 5


Ian Livingstone

Youth Suicide
Annette Beautrais

Education the Nation State and the Global Economy
Phil Brown and Hugh Lauder

School Privatisation: A Review and Critique
John Barrington

Overcoming the Bulk Funding Blockage: The Ministerial Reference Group on School Staffing
Gay Simpkin

Crossroads - Early Childhood Education in the Mid-1990s
Linda Mitchell

The Technological Challenge to the Notion of Rurality in New Zealand Education - Repositioning the Small School
Ken Stevens

Distance Education Multimedia and the Internet
Graham Wagner and Errol Jaquiery

Twenty Years On: Looking at Gender Equality
Geraldine McDonald

Information Literacy: Past Approaches and Present Challenges
Penny Moore

Media Studies and the Curriculum
Chris Watson

Reference Section Compiled
Sarah Lambie


1994 - Volume 4

Hugo Manson

Is School Choice a Sustainable Policy for New Zealand? A Review of Recent Research Findings and a Look to the Future
Liz Gordon

The Centre for Early Childhood Studies Te Pumanawa Rangahau Kohungahunga
Tony Holmes

Qualifications, Gender and Income: Inter-Related Issues in the Early Education Sector
Sarah-Eve Farquhar

Primary Problems and the New Zealand Curriculum Framework
Sandra Aikin

Maori Education in 1994: A Review and Discussion
Kath Irwin with Lisa Davies

Financing Tertiary Education: An Evaluation of the Todd Report
Bob Stephens and Jonathan Boston

Whare Wananga Development in 1993-1994
Pakake Calm Winiata and Whatarangi Winiata

Towards a Languages Policy for New Zealand Education
Richard Benton

The Assessment of Females in Mathematics
Megan Clark, Sharleen Forbes and Thora Blithe

Special Education in 1994: Practice in Search of a Policy
Lex McDonald

Are You Gay, Sir? A Review of the Literature Concerning the Experiences of Gay Male Educators
Shane Town

Generally Fine but Occasionally Overcast with the Possibility of Thunder and Lightning: A Year in the Life of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Bryan Tuck

The Irony of Educational Review
David McKenzie

Reference Section Compiled
Sarah Lambie


1993 – Volume 3


Hugo Manson

Financing Education
Bob Stephens

Curriculum Reform: Forwards or Backwards?
Warwick Elley

The Politics of Gender: Women, Education and the Market in 1993
Anne Marie O’Neill

1893-1993: How Far Have We Come in Women’s Employment in Education?
Marion Court

Maori Education in 1993: A Review and Discussion
Kathie Irwin

The Cultural Safety Debate in Nursing Education in Aotearoa
Irihapeti Ramsden & Paul Spoonley

Raising Research Consciousness the Fa’aSamoa Way
Anne Marie Tupuola

Bicultural Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Establishing a Tauiwi Side to the partnership
Keith Sullivan

Is Cinderella Back Among the Cinders? A Review of Early Childhood Education in the Early 1990s
Carmen Dalli

Suspensions and Expulsions in New Zealand State Schools
Cathy Casey

Community and Continuing Education in 1993: Who is Deciding? Who is Benefiting?
Jennie Harré, Hindmarsh with Atawhai Bell, Alan Addison, Colin Gunn and Dorothy McGray

The Changing Nature of Distance Education in New Zealand (1992-93): Some Strategic Considerations
Ken Stevens & Ormond Tate

Recognition of Prior Learning: Recent Developments and some Issues
Colin Gunn & Julie McDougall

Reference Section
Compiled by Sarah Lambie

Bibliography of Education Publications

1992 - Volume 2

Leading Article: Apres La Lutte

Hugh Lauder

Mainstreaming Education: The Role of the State Services Commission
Roger Dale and Joce Jesson

Educational Policy Initiatives for Girls and Women: Are We Included in the Decent Society?
Anne-Marie O'Neill

Maori Education in 1992: A Review and Discussion
Kathie Irwin

Contestability in the Special Education and Early Childhood Sectors: A Mechanism for Countering Equity?
Anne Meade

Teacher Training in 1992: A Review and Discussion
Alan Scott

Maori Education Developments: A Maori Unionist's View
Bill Hamilton

Performance-related Pay for Teachers: A Policy Prognosis
Barbara Annesley

The Myth of Partnership: Educational Reform and Teacher Disempowerment
Keith Sullivan

Technology, Vocational Education and the New Zealand Economy: A Review of Recent Developments
Ken Stevens

Community and Continuing Education in 1992: Trends and Issues
Jennie Harre Hindmarsh

Te Ropu Rangahau Tikanga Rua
Russell Bishop

The Audit and Review of Maori Education in the Compulsory Schooling Sector
Wally Penetito

Assessment Trends in 1992: Future Directions Handicapped by a Legacy from the Past?
Deborah Willis

Developments in Academic Audit in New Zealand Universities
Cedric Hall

The Politics of Truancy in 1992
Liz Gordon

Education in Sweden: Some Recent Developments in Comparison with New Zealand Education in 1992
James Collinge

Reference Section Compiled
Sarah Lambie

Annotated Bibliography of Education Publications
Keith Pickens


1991 – Volume 1

Editorial: Notes towards a new agenda for policy making in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Hugh Lauder

Curriculum 1991
Phillip Capper

The bulk funding of teachers’ salaries: a case study in education policy
Liz Gordon

Impact of 1991 Policy Initiatives for Girls and Women in Education: Fibre and Fishhooks
Carol Hamilton & Lise Bird

Maori Education in 1991: A Review and Discussion
Kathie Irwin

Review of the Early Childhood Sector
Anne Meade & Carmen Dalli

The 1991 Budget and Tertiary Education: Promises, Promises…
Michael A. Peters, Michael C. Peters & John Freeman-Moir

1991: A Student Perspective
Emma Reid

Recent Developments in Rural and Distance Education in New Zealand and their Implications
Ken Stevens

Trustee Perspectives on 1991
Cathy Wylie

Reference Section
Compiled by Sarah Lambie

Annotated Bibliography of Education Related Publications
Compiled by Keith Pickens & Colleen Shipley, NZCER



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