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Volume 13 - 2005

From the editor
Philippa Hunter

The fourth C: Constructivism
Hugh Barr

What can a forty-year old report on social studies tell us about social studies teaching and learning today?
Roger Openshaw

Conceptions of history and historical understandings in the social sciences learning area: A response to the curriculum maratanga project’s developments
Philippa Hunter with Bruce Farthing

A history teacher’s submission on the draft social sciences essence statement and achievement objectives
David Arrowsmith

The development of social studies in the New Zealand curriculum: What can we learn about the process from a document analysis of the three versions?
Carol Mutch

Environmental education: A practical suggestion for a cross-curricular and holistic method in secondary programmes
Gwen Francis

“Check out your own backyard” travel in Aotearoa New Zealand
Stacey Vinnicombe

Social studies education and new directions, years 7-8 topic: National Sorry Day
Jill Wynyard and Sarah Parker

Developing a years 11-13 social studies programme: Engaging learners in the social sciences learning area of the New Zealand curriculum
John Hooker, Philippa Hunter, Rebecca Lambourne and Joseph Rao

The global education centre: An interview with Cindy Munn, Schools Programme Manager
Lisa Woods

Statistics New Zealand: A free 2006 census education resource
Michelle Butters


Volume 12 - 2004

From the editor
Philippa Hunter

ANZFSSA Regional News
ANZFSSA Waikato conference 2003: Greeting with president’s welcome
ANZFSSA President’s report 2004
Rowena Taylor

SOC CON 2005: Conference information

Multiple lenses, multiple ways of seeing our world: Some critical reflection
Tanya Wendt Samu

The Treaty of Waitangi: What does it mean?
Glenys Daley

Inserting the question marks: The impact of postmodernism on teaching and learning in social studies
Andrea Milligan and Fiona Beals

“It’s very important… but we haven’t dome much at all” improving the implementation of essential learning about New Zealand
Elise Soothill

E-Learning and E-Teaching: Key skills for 21st century social studies teachers?
Paul Keown

Enhancing understanding through practice: The New Zealand science, mathematics, technology and social sciences teacher fellowship scheme
Peter Spratt and Andrea Knox

For God, King and country 1900: Australia at the turn of the century
Jacqueline Hollingworth

Using GIS in education: Promoting spatial awareness
Stephanie Eddy and Anne Olsen

Global education
Cindy Munn

Bring the world to your classroom
Alison Squires

Issues associated with the future design of the social studies curriculum powerpoint slides to promote discussion for social studies teachers
Graeme Aitken

GIS in the classroom: Using geography information systems in social studies and environmental science
Author: Marsha Alibrandi (2003)
Reviewer: Anne Olsen


Volume 11, Number 1 - 2002

Citizenship education in New Zealand: A case study
Carol Mutch

A citizen of no mean city: Synthesising the local and the global in citizenship
David Keen

Traveller's impressions. Land of the morning calm: Impressions of South Korea
Norman Austin


Volume 11, Number 2 - 2002

From the editor
Philippa Hunter

ANZFSSA Regional News
Auckland Social Studies Association smorgasboard day
Christina Ward

Three Cs core principles, content and consistency: The tools required for values education within the social studies curriculum
Gwen Francis

“But we can’t give much time to social studies, the NAG’s tell us we have to give priority to literacy and numeracy”. The case for social studies being the context for your literacy programme
Rowena Taylor

Peaceful times: Revisiting Hiroshima
Jill Wilson

Turning up the heat in Havana
Lynne Robinson

The value of brainstorming – in support of Hugh Barr
David Chapman

Learning about New Zealand in Antarctica
Jane Abbiss

Remember “Doing the Aborigines….”
A years 7-8 study of Australian Aboriginal society
Kaye Webber

Environmental issues and the social studies curriculum
The EBEX KIWI household and school calculators: Turning knowledge into action
Tui Elliot


Volume 10, Number 1 - 2001

Guest Editorial Comment

Paul Keown

Legitimising Years 11-13 Senior Social Studies: Traps and Opportunities for Social Sciences Departments
Philippa Hunter

Journey's End: What Should we be Aiming for in Social Studies?
Alyce McMaster

The Role of Social Studies in the Curriculum: Some Issues For Schools
Norm Austin

Current Issues and the Three Social Studies Processes
Jane Eyre

Learning Through Our Society: PrEP an Enterprising Learning Environment
Kathie Willis

Teacher Education in the United Arab Emirates: An Ex Pat's Impression
Hugh Barr

Our Small World - Video
Amanda Nasilasila

Freedom: Towards Human Rights and Social Justice
Phllip Newton

Access to Resources
Rowena Taylor

Volume 10, Number 2 - 2002

European Identity and Citizenship: Charting the Territory

Keith Crawford

'Living Heritage' Creates Social Studies Projects of Timeless Value
Emily Flaws

A Long Weekend in Turkey
Wayne Green

Young Children's Language and Explanations of Distant places
Ann Hardie

Trouble in Paradise: The 1987 Fiji Coup - Year 12
Warren Baumberg

Water Under the Bridge: The Waikato River - Level 5
Paula Allen

Genetic Modification: To Label or Not to Label? A Unit at Level 4
Jill Wynyard

There's Too Much B.S. in New Zealand Social Studies
Hugh Barr


Volume 9, Number 1 - 2000

From the Editor

Hugh Barr

Service-Learning and Social Studies: There is a Linkage, and it's not Charity
John Freese

Social Studies: Real Subject or Politically Correct Nonsense
Hugh Barr

Pacific Peoples in a Global Age: Emerging Forms of Cultural Identity
Paul Spoonley

Public Service Reform: Some Issues in Education
Rex Bloomfield

Making Presentations in Social Studies Classes
Gray Clayton and Rae Clayton

Anzac Day and Chunuk Bair Day: Ceremony and Ritual in a Country Town
Graham Hucker

Going Places in East Asia - Korea, China, Japan
Paula Rankin

Environmental Issues: Our Future World
Paul Keown

New Perspectives in Social Education
Paul Keown

Musket Wars: A History of Inter-iwi Conflict
Owen Wilkes


Volume 9, Number 2 - 2000

Federation News

George Seconi

An April in Vietnam: Glimpses from the Road
Tony Booker

Alligators and Swamps: Directions for Citizenship Education in New Zealand
Rex Bloomfield

Citizens of the Future
Carol Mutch

Values Education and the Right to Criticise other Cultures' Values
John Clark

Revisiting Multiculturalism in Fiji
Neil Johnson

Re-lmaging the Role of History in Social Studies: A Canadian Perspective
Roberta McKay and Susan Gibson


Volume 8, Number 1 - 1999

From the Editor

Hugh Barr

Federation News
George Seconi

Teaching Social Studies on a Shoestring
Tracey Riley and Alison Sewell

Sharing a Heritage: Teaching the Irish Famine in New Zealand and the USA
Joan Brodsky Schu and Claire Schnell

Economics - A Way of Thinking (Taking the EEK! out of Economics)
Kathi Willis and Bob Blanks

Inspiring Courage in Children
Scott Waters

Using Your School's Story to Teach Social Studies
John Wilson Jr.

Amnesty International Resources for Social Studies
Brian Walker

Growing Up Maori
Jeanine Graham

Atlas Aotearoa
John Graham

Snapshots of the Century
Jeanine Graham


Volume 8, Number 2 - 1999

Federation News

George Seconi

Social Studies Perspectives: Challenging Teaching and Learning
Phillipa Hunter

Under Indian Eyes: What Do Indians Want Chlldren and Young People in New Zealand to Know and Understand About India
David Keen

Computer Technology and Citizenship Education: A Social Partnership
Alison Sewell and Mark Brown

Voices of Youth: A Resource List For Teachers
Jeanine Graham

Developing Immigration Policy for the 21st Century
Gary Fertig

Free to be Me! Set me Free! Unchain the Children!
Jenny Ferrier-Kerr

Australian Families
Tim Stretton

Making a Difference
Judy McGee


Volume 7, Number 1 - 1998

From the Editor

Hugh Barr

Federation News
George Seconi

Working the Net
Gray Clayton

The National Context for Social Studies Teaching
Rajen Prasad

FSSA Conference Key Note Address
Brian Donnelly

'Nurturing Young Historians': The Interface between History and Social Studies
Pam O'Connell

Children's Literature: A Character Builder
Scott Waters

The Historical Atlas of New Zealand
Owen Wilkes


Volume 7, Number 2 - 1998

From the Editor

Hugh Barr

Federation News
George Seconi

Working the Net
Gray Clayton

Teaching Trouble: Social Action & Social Analysis in the Classrooms of Two US Teachers
Kay Harrison

Citizenship, Democracy & the Birmingham G8 Young People's Summit
John Lloyd and Phil Grierson

Social Studies Standards in Wisconsin, USA
John Freese

Effectiveness of Changing Children's Attitudes Towards the N.Z. Police
Michael 0'Brien

Planning a School Programme for an Intermediate School
Jenny Ferrier-Kerr

Civics Education: A Matter of Values?
John Gore

The Australian Experience
Neil Johnson


Volume 6, Number 1 - 1997

Federation News

Paul Keown

Working the Net: What a Tangled Web We Weave
Gray Clayton

Teaching and Assessing Social Studies Skills
Graeme Whitehead

Accessing Information: 'I Need Stuff on Families'
Rosamund Winter

The Waikato Sixth Form Oral History Project
Anna Green

Social Science Teachers: Custodians of Civilisations
Basil Varghese

Current Events in the Classroom
Jim Lindsay

Book Reviews
Brian Kendrick and Norman Austin


Volume 6, Number 2 - 1997

From the Editor

Hugh Barr

Federation News
Paul Keown

Working the Net
Gray Clayton

Self Efficacy in Social Studies
Alison Sewell Alison St. George

Wanganui's Brass Rubbing Heritage Trail
Bob Devlin

Charting a Better Course: Improving Map Use
Ross Whitefield

Why Johnny Can't Read Maps
Sharon Pray Muir

Why Not Latin America?
Neil Johnson

What's Super About Super?
Glynnis Knox

Religious Education Beyond the Year 2000
Robin Patchett

Brian Kendrick


Volume 5, Number 1 - 1996

Civics and Citizenship Education

Bev Stubbs

Studying the Treaty on Database
Bob Devlin

Sending God to School
Margaret Snell

The New Zealand Police Youth Education Service
Joe Green

Current Events, Newspapers and Social Studies
Jim Lindsay

Current Issues in Children's Reasoning About Rules
Angus McGougan

Conference Report
Brian Kendrick


Volume 5, Number 2 - 1996

Pakeha and Proud

Peter O'Connor

Teaching in a Multicultural Society: Fiji
Neil Johnson

Teaching About Asia: Problems and Directions
Rex Bloomfield

Citizenship Education and the National Curriculum
Hugh Barr

Just Where Does Health Fit Into the Curriculum?
Margaret Scratchley

Movement and Social Studies
Colleen Thompson

Book Reviews
Jeanine Graham, Judith McCree, Jenny Moon & Sandra Cubitt


Volume 4, Number 1 - 1995

Does the Draft Curriculum Take Social Studies Forward?

Paul Keown

Gender Equity in Primary School Social Studies Resources
John Wort

Exploring the Pacific Using Information Technology
Murray Brown

Celebrity Visits Inspire the Classroom
Cathy O'Connell

Hands Build Bridges
Richard Ward and Jocelyn Walker

Using Fiction as a Primary Source for Social Studies
Josephine Vincent

Facilitation: Applying Inter-Personal Communication Skills
Helen Cannon and Robin Patchett

Book Reviews
Judith McGee and John Graham


Volume 4, Number 2 - 1995

Conference Opening Address Dr The Hon

Lockwood Smith

Raising more than the Australian Flag
Ray Nichol

Teaching About Thinking
Alyce McMaster

The Paeroa Plans
Hauraki Teachers

Interviews in Social Studies
Neil Johnson

A Response to the Education Forum
Hugh Barr

Book Reviews
John Graham and Phillippa Hunter


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