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2008 – Volume 36

Marion Bowl

The Impact of Grades: How Lecturer Feedback Affects Students’ Persistence, Perceptions of Self-efficacy and Motivation
Barbara Russell

M?oritanga and the Training of Counsellors
Steve Lang

English as a Foreign Language Teaching with Older Chinese Students: A Teacher’s Journey of Discovery
Keqi Liu

Researching Practitioner Professional Development: Challenges in Adult and Community Education in Aotearoa/NZ
Marion Bowl and Liz Tully

Getting that College Spirit: A Particular Challenge for Adult Learners?
Erin Holmes and Billy O’Steen

“Still ‘Blowin’ in the Wind”
Education, Reflection and Bob Dylan

Anne Kerwin and Peter Gossman

Book Reviews

Edited by John Benseman and Alison Sutton (2008)
Facing the Challenge: Foundation Learning for Adults in Aotearoa New Zealand

Robyn Chandler

Helen Rainbird, Alison Fuller and Anne Muro (Eds) (2004)
Workplace Learning in Context

Min Lu (Vivian)

Joel Spring (2004)
How Educational Ideologies are Shaping Global Society: Intergovernmental Organisations, NGOs and the Decline of the Nation State

Hayden Martelli

2007 – Volume 35, Number 1

Leadership in an Adult and Community Education Network
Linda Leach

Meaning and Message in the Workplace
David Cooke and T. Pascal Brown

Unit Standards: Diamond Necklace or Dog Collar?
Anne Barrer

An investigation of students’ perceptions of workload at a regional polytechnic
Lara Giles

“With a little help from my friends”: Preservice teacher education students’ perceptions of the importance of peer support
Barbara Russell

Chisholm, L. (Ed). (2004). Changing Class: Education and Social Change in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Zed Books: London/HSRC: Cape Town. Pages 448. ISBN 1 84277 590 1 HC
John Dickson

Tobias, R., Tully, L., Beckman, P. and Petelo, L. (Eds.). (2006). Learning Transitions. Christchurch: UC Opportunity, University of Canterbury
Jerry Hoffman

Day, M., & Petrick, E.M. (2006). Designing residential wilderness programs for adults.
Jo Straker

2006 – Volume 34, Number 2

Guest Editor

Darlene E. Clover and Joyce Stalker

Refereed articles

The Potential of Photovoice in Examining Oppression of Indigenous Women in Canada
Brigette Krieg

African American Art Forms: Folkways for Social Justice
Elliot Lauderdale, Betty Wilkinson and Deborah Ferguson

Embodied Metaphors: Telling Feminist Coalition Stories through Popular Theatre
Shauna Butterwick and Jan Selman

The Art of Box-ing In/Out: Co-creative Process and Artful Context: An Historical-Contemporary Analysis
Dickson M. Mwansa

Skater Girl
Lisa McDonald


2006 – Volume 34 No. 1

Educating older adults: Discourses, ideologies and policies 1999-2005
Robert Tobias

Rewi Alley of China:  Adult educator ahead of his time
Roger Boshier

Adult Literacy and Employment in Wanganui: An Initial Exploration of the Dimensions
Margie Comrie, Franco Vaccarino, Frank Sligo, Niki Culligan, Elspeth Tilley

Eric Clark: a portrait of leadership in education
Jo Smith

Reading the organisation: A case study
Cheryl Brown

Primary school teaching as a second career choice for men: The choice and the challenges for adult learners
Penni Cushman

Book Review
Orem, R.A. (2005). Teaching Adult English Language Learners.
Ellen Soulliere

2005 – Volume 33 No. 2

Guest Editorial

Brian Findsen

Education and older adults: Discourse, ideologies and policies from the 1980s to 2001.
Robert Tobias

Some new directions in adult education programs for older Australians
Rick Swindell

Formal study in retirement – how can it contribute to positive ageing?
Judith Davey

Older adults’ learning patterns: Non-formal and informal activities in the third age
Brian Findsen and Lucila Carvalho

Towards a ‘Gramscian’ leadership perspective on older adults, education and social change
Allan Martin

Book Reviews
Joyce, James.  (1926). Dubliners.
Elvin Collins

English, L.M. (Ed.). (2005). International Encyclopedia of Adult Education.
Alison Viskovic

2005 – Volume 33 No. 1


Linda Leach and Nick Zepke

Paradigm lost: Lifelong education in New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s
John Benseman

Paradigm re-gained?  The re-emergence of lifelong learning in New Zealand in the late 1990s
John Benseman

Informal and experiential learning:  Whose experience? Whose learning? 
Catherine Ross

Metaphor as Method
Hilary Monk

Forum articles
Literacy, adult education and value for money
Peter Isaacs

A Survey of ACE Learners at Wellington High School
Ian Clunies-Ross

Awatea – The New Dawn
Mana Cracknell & Michele Knight

Book Reviews
Bishop, A. (1998).  Becoming an ally: Breaking the cycle of oppression.   
Ellie Parks

Heinberg, R. (2003).  The party’s over: Oil, war, and the fate of industrial societies.
Mark Meuiner

2004 – Volume 32 No. 2

Nick Zepke and Linda Leach

Ten years walking in freedom: A snapshot of adult education in the new South Africa
John Dickson

Refereed Articles
Workplace assessment: Prescriptions for practice and counter-narratives
Penny Hoy-Mack

Reflections on textile science in fashion education: Issues and case studies
Janet Webster

‘A tricky issue’: Competency-based assessment within a constructivist context
Jill Musgrave, Rosanne Matheson

What motivates them? Some adult learners’ perceptions of and reasons for engaging in lifelong learning
Stephanie White

Supervision – whose needs are being met?
marg gilling, Tim Parkinson


2004 – Volume 32 No. 1


Nick Zepke and Linda Leach

Refereed articles
Third space practitioners: An alternative practice of Adult education
Leona M. English

Community learning through ecological action
Nisbet Smith

Spaghetti junctions: Experiences of adult learners
Jane Stewart, Marg Cartner, Kelly Gibson

What can a text mean?
David Cooke

People who have an impairment and tertiary education
Isabelle Sherrard

Davey, J.; Neale, J. & Morris Mathews, K. (Eds). (2003).
Living and learning: Experiences of university after ago 40
Rick Swindell

Bagnell, R.G. (2003)
Enhancing income generation through adult education. A comparative study.
Brian Easton

Parkin, M. (1998).
Takes for trainers: Using stories and metaphors to facilitate learning
Jenny Patching

Errington, E. (Ed.).
Developing scenario-based learning: Practical insights for tertiary educators.
Alison Viskovic


2003 – Volume 31 No. 2


Griff Foley

Kotare trust and popular education
Catherine Delahunty

‘Ladies’ work’ and popular education: Fabricating new approaches
Joyce Stalker

Feminist arts practices of popular education imagination, counter-narratives and activism on Vancouver Island and Gabriola Island
Darlene E. Clover and Gretchen Markle

Emancipatory learning and social action: Implications for the environment movement
Sally MacKinnon

Thinking big in popular education
Griff Foley

Preddy.E. (2003) The WEL Herstory: The women’s electoral lobby in New Zealand 1975-2002. Wellington: WEL New Zealand, 199 pages. ISBN 0-9582332-3-3
Jacqui James

Sheared, V. and Sissel, P.A. (2001)
Making space: merging theory and practice in adult education.
Connecticut: Bergin & Garvey, 359 pages. ISBN 0-89781-600-9
Hugh Good


2003 – Volume 31 No. 1


Linda Leach, Nick Zepke

Heritage conservation in the back shed of the learning city.
Roger Boshier

Kumara, taro and spuds: Three reflections on equity and ethnicity
Justine Rutherford, Emilie Sila’ila’I, Malinda Webber

Mapping the territory: A survey of bridging education in New Zealand
John Benseman and Linda Russ

Roles, expectations and pedagogies: Cross-cultural differences and implications
Mingsheng Li

Forum Articles
Whakamana to tuapapa o te tangata motuhake kia whai hua nga tangata katoa
Sandra Morrison

Caroline’s story
Brigid McBrien

Sabbatical – privilege, pain, pleasure and power
marg gilling

Too scared to learn: Women, violence, and education.
Jenny Horsman. ISBN 0-8058-3658-6. IBSN 0-8058-3659-4
Ashlie Brink

Strategic learning: Understanding and facilitating organisational change Griff Foley. ISBN 1 8636 58270
Tracey McMillan


2002 – Volume 30 No. 2


Nick Zepke, Linda Leach

Refereed Articles
Diasporic and discursive eruptions in the New Zealand brain drain.
Roger Boshier

University study in mid and later life: The experiences of early school leavers
Judith Davey

Developing a conceptual framework for understanding older adults and learning
Brian Findsen

Stopping and starting: experiences of adults returning to formal literacy learning.
Vivienne Boyd, Julie Cates, Jan Hellyer, Marianne Leverton, Helen Robinson & Robert Tobias

The Education Review Office report on teacher education in New Zealand: A critical response in light of its endorsement by the education and science select committee.
John Clark

Forum Article
Teaching and learning intertwine: John Thronley’s story.
Josie Vidal

Learning through storytelling:
Using reflection and experience in higher education contexts
Janice McDrury and Maxine Alterio, Dunmore Press, 2002.
Nick Zepke


2002 – Volume 30 No. 1

Nick Zepke, Linda Leach

Reflections on policy in adult education and community learning (ACE) with special reference to Koia! Koia! Towards a Learning Society
Robert Tobias

Kotare: Building a radical alternative in New Zealand adult education
John Benseman

Polytechnics in a ‘postmarket’ environment
Denny McNae

The use of cartoons as a teaching and learning strategy with adult learners
Allan Doring

Knowledge and curriculum in veterinary medicine
Tim Parkinson

Incompetent or just plain overworked: A sympathetic appraisal of the ‘under-performing’ secondary school HOD.
John O’Neill

Forum Articles
Educating Humpress: Marovo to Wellington return
Brigid McBrien

Maori approaches to learning: Some personal reflections
Kay Stables

Comments on Koia! Koia! Towards a learning society: The role of adult and community education’. The report of the adult education and community learning working party.
Sandy Morrison

Book Review
Brian Easton

2001 – Volume 29 No. 2


Dean Nugent

In the net of economic rationalism: Adult education in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Nick Zepke

Autonomy, accountability and adult learning
Linda Leach

Autonomy and accountability in the assessment of learning: Tipping the balance
Linda Leach, Guyon Neutze, Nick Zepke

Professionalism and tertiary teachers: Some issues of autonomy and accountability
Alison Viskovic

Women – accountable to all; autonomous, never?
marg gilling

Communication is assessment: A personal shot at a shibboleth
Guyon Neutze


2001 – Volume 29 No. 1


Nick Zepke, Linda Leach

Learning to grieve… An element of adult education that enjoys little social recognition, and learning in which most engage non-voluntarily
Pamela Heaney

Balance in all things: A formula for wellbeing in adult education?
Penny Westhorp

On different wavelengths: Misunderstandings between lecturers and students
Helen Pennington

Academic writing concerns: Staff and adult learner perspectives
Donna Starks and Marilyn Lewis

Forum Articles
Miriama’s story
Janet Woodger

The journey continues
Lesley Petersen

Adult education in Aotearoa: Crouching tiger or burnt out dragon?
Catherine Delahunty

Tutors for the future
Max Kerr

Submission to the adult and community education working party
Nick Zepke and Linda Leach


2000 – Volume 28 No. 2


Nick Zepke, Linda Leach

Running to win: The contest between lifelong learning and education in Canada
Roger Boshier

National Literacy Directions
Bronwyn Yates, Peter Isaacs

Nga Aronga o te Motu mo te Mohio kit e Korero Pukapuka me te Tuhituhi
Bronwyn Yates, Peter Isaacs

Unpicking the Stitches: a look at the cultures of learning
Guyon Neutze

Forum Articles: Adult Learners’ Stories
He tangata matauranga 2000: celebrating adult learners
Freddy Beijerling, Gloria Abernethy

He tangata matauranga 2000: celebrating adult learners in the Wellington region
Linda Leach, Brigid McBrien and Nick Zepke

Adult(s) learning: power, paradox and possibility
Judy Anderson, Peny Hoy-Mack, Catherine Ross

Book Review
Rebels against the future: Luddites and their was against the industrial revolution.
John Hitchcock

2000 – Volume 28 No. 1


Nick Zepke, Linda Leach

Refereed Articles
The politics of control…the politics of freedom…and the politics of balance: three ways of creating social change
Elizabeth Clements

Half a million dollars a year: voluntarism within New Zealand Universities of the third age
Rick Swindell

Constructivism: Is anyone making meaning in New Zealand adult and vocational education?
Jane Arlidge

Dialogue with adult overseas students: reflections on experiences of learning and teaching
Jane Gunn-Lewis, Caroline Malthus

New Zealand Qualifications Authority at the turn of the century: what happened to the grand vision?
Alison Viskovic

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